New Book Promotion Features for 2016 – New Books in a Series

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Writing a series? Zoom over to Sally’s for great help with promoting it in 2016. 🙂

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Over the holidays I am going to give you advance news of some new book promotion features that will start in the middle of January.

New book in a Series

Many authors are writing a series of books. In today’s marketing environment this can successfully establish both your characters and your own writing style firmly into minds and TBRs of your readers.

When I have promoted new books I have always included previous releases but would like to take that to the next level by devoting a specific feature to those in a series.

The format will be similar to previous features but will be adapted to the following:

  1. Brief overview of the series to date.
  2. Cover image of the new book.
  3. About the new book in the series.
  4. Covers of the previous books in the Series.
  5. The best headlines from the reviews across the series.
  6. Buy links for the…

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