Saturday Round Up.. The Twelve Days of Christmas, Texas and Boxing Cats.

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Sal has zoomed across to gorgeous green Ireland for Christmas and I’m looking forward to hearing about her adventures. Here’s her Saturday Roundup to catch up. 🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

This broadcast is coming to you from Ireland.. I got all excited on the first day when the sun came out and I had hoped that this might be a good sign… Unfortunately it has rather gone downhill since then weather wise but more than made up for by the warm welcome and the Christmas spirit everywhere you turn.

I have scheduled a few things for the next week and will be popping in and out to check on the blogs that I follow. But, I do wish everyone the most fantastic Christmas and may 2016 be healthy, loving and jammed pack with friendship.

Here is a quick look at the last week here on Smorgasbord beginning with an apology to Ryanair for my complaints of the past… they have redeemed themselves.

The Smorgasbord Christmas party started on Monday this week with Hugh Roberts challenge to raise some money…

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