And The Doodle Winner Is…

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I WON, I WON, I WON!!!!! This is most COOL!!!!!

Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

Feelin' the love. Feelin’ the love.

Holy cow!

I had no idea the Allegra Doodling Market was so strong. Last week’s contest was my most popular blog post ever!

I am flattered and I thank you.

Unfortunately, there can only be one doodle winner. So let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Our judge and official ballot picker is ready for action. He is fair, impartial, and likes to wear weird hats.

1. meet boyHe drops the ballots into the Bucket of Impartiality.

2. ballots in bowlHe wields the Tongs of Selectivity-ness.

3. tongs of impartialityAnd he stirs…

5. stirring...and stirs…

More stiringand…stirs…

6. stirring....and… Oh, come on.


Just pick a name, kid! Everyone is waiting!

8. the tongs go to workLet this be a lesson for all you parents out there. If you don’t spank your children, they will grow up to become goofballs. And wear strange hats.

9. and the winner is...OK. I think Hat Boy is ready now.

And the winner is…

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