Go Back and Show Don’t Tell

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Something I noticed rereading the first book that I wrote, and often also notice in the first books of other scribblers, is that we should probably sometimes rewrite the first quarter of our first book. We often overwork those very first chapters to death in our newbie angst to get it all in there. There’s that fabulous moment when you realise that you’re actually going to write a book. Your eyes widen, and a whole flotilla of butterflies do an exciting rendition of the Macarena right beneath your solar plexus.

Then you get stuck in, and those first pages flow right out, and you do happy dances, and refuse to bath or cook dinner. Because this is suddenly real. Real writers don’t need to get wet all the time, and neither do they need to eat to live. You’re a WRITER. That’s all you need. Well. That first joy is…

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