Just an Odd Job Girl Serialisation – Chapter Twenty – Alls Well that Ends Well.

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I’ve missed reblogging a lot of the parts of this serialisation of Just an Odd Job Girl, but you should zoom back and start where you left off – or better still, buy the book. It’s a fabulous tale.

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Just an odd job girl sgc

Last time Imogen is surprised by a visitor to the hotel that was about to change her life forever.

Chapter Twenty – Alls Well That Ends Well!

I arrived punctually for my appointment with Andrew, and was shown straight in by Elizabeth. She gave me a great boost by complimenting me on my hair and clothes and I was visibly preening as I entered Andrew’s office. I found him with another man in deep conversation, which came to an abrupt halt as I entered.

‘Imogen, good to see you again and may I say how wonderful you are looking.’

You may, I thought smugly, carefully putting the cost of the transformation to the back of my mind.

‘I would like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine. Jack Doyle, meet Imogen Smythe.’

I wasn’t sure if I was interrupting something, but Andrew invited me to sit down.

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