The R’s of Life by Sally Cronin – Chapter Two – Respect

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I agree totally. Society all over the world is spiralling downwards. Lack of respect, both for self and for others is causing a whole lot of pain. Lack of respect from narcissistic people (pet subject of mine about a breed that seems to be growing every day) do damage to those poor souls who are deficient in self-respect in another way is also worth considering. Well said Sally!

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The R’s of Life – Chapter Two – Respect.

It is always so easy to criticise and I don’t want these observations on the aspects of life that I have experienced to be completely negative. However, there are some human traits that seem to be devolving rather than evolving and I don’t believe it is a trend we want to continue.

In this chapter I am going to explore the very thorny subject of respect. This is a topic that needs to be divided into two areas to do it justice. It is one of the fundamental survival tools we have at our disposal and sadly does not receive the prominence it deserves in the headlines.

Self-respecthas to come first, as without that basic component, we are unlikely to succeed in life in a way that is acceptable to those close to us, and those we meet along the…

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