Smorgasbord Health – Top Tips to getting into that bathing costume.

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Some fabulous dieting tips for those of you getting ready for summer – fortunately for me we’re heading into winter, so soup it is – and cake too. Woolly jerseys hide all. 🙂

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smorgasbord health

This post was prompted by some of the headlines that are starting to appear in the women’s magazines as they bring out their summer editions..Get a Bikini Beach Body in Six Weeks!!!!

In reality to do this successfully you are going to need a lot longer than six weeks.. in some of our cases it might even involve surgery.


The post was also prompted by the fact that in a few weeks I shall be swimming in a public pool again for the first time in years. No longer can I saunter out to the pool wearing a rather decrepit faded costume that tries but fails to contain my lumps and bumps. I need to trim a little of the fat before I show myself to the world, and whilst I embrace my fuller and more mature figure, there is still a smidgen of pride left that prevents me…

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