Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story – Chapter Six – My Babies

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More tales from gorgeous Sam. 🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

51uI0kWA+ML._UY250_Last time we followed the romance of Henry and his new lady love and the sadness that Sam and the family felt at his loss.  This week Sam puts his Cat experience and language skills to good use.

Chapter Six – My Babies.

I was not the only one who was sad at the loss of not only my old friend Henry but also his elusive and stand offish mate. Sally decided that perhaps since I got on so well with cats that it might be an idea to have some house cats as a substitute. There was a cat sanctuary in the town and one afternoon, Sally duly arrived with a box and from inside came the unmistakable sounds of baby cats.

There were two “babies” as I came to know them, one mainly black with a white front and one mainly white with large black splotches. Sally refrained…

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