7 Signs You Have a Potion Addiction

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This has been something I’ve thought about for years.  It stems from the abuse of potions we did in our early D&D games.  We used them for everything without a second thought because they were easy to find.  A character who will be in a much later series is going to have an addiction to potions too.  He’ll do anything for one even though the effect isn’t as strong as it would be on someone who uses them casually.  Still, what kind of signs are there for such a character?

  1. The adventuring party has been attacked by a strange-looking dragon that appeared out of thin air.  The creature doesn’t breathe fire or have scales.  It has six legs that are bizarrely thin too.  Not to mention the long, sword-like nose it keeps jabbing at people with.  In fact, the dragon looks like a gigantic mosquito and your…

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