Pet of the Week – Lucy the Boxer – Friend and companion of author John W. Howell.

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What a gorgeous Lucy and what a fabulous idea!

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Pet of the week

This series is going great guns and so pleased that we have had the chance to meet some great pets and to give their owners a few minutes in the limelight too. This week it is the beautiful Lucy who enjoys walks along the beaches of the Texas coast with her friend and companion author John W. Howell.. First let us meet Lucy and then a reminder of John’s work.  And if you have a pet that you would like to feature.. here is the link

2015-05-20 14.52.30

Lucy is a rescue Boxer who was found wandering and hurt on the streets of San Antonio. She obviously was let go without a concern for her welfare. She was hit by a car and then picked up by the animal control folks. Since she is a boxer the Austin Boxer Rescue group was called and they immediately took her in and…

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