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I’m Going to Doodle You

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I’m just going to be visiting around and about catching up with you guys online tomorrow – maybe a bit of sharing, so for those of you with muses as sweet as mine, I’ll leave you with two doodles of the sometimes outrageous ways she treats me. She generally wears all leather, and I’m pretty sure only changed because she knew I had pics in mind. She’s clever like that. Are you stuck? Staring at a blank screen. Just be grateful that you don’t also get lashings of hot cigar ash in your ear all day, and spilled absinthe garlic champagne cocktails spilled down your cleavage. OK. That’s a guy in the pic. I’m trying not to be sexist, and I do have much nicer boobs and taste in shirts. Sorry guys.


Then – just when I’ve been awake for three days straight for all sorts of really stupid reasons, and I lay my weary head upon my pillow, sigh as the sleepy softness envelopes me, and begin to drift off, she gets some super cool ideas, and it’s time to SHARE WITH ME BABY! Still. Got to love her.

musef.jpga copy1.jpg2

Busy Bunny

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It’s been raining every day here, at the same time as being roasting hot – with lots of really weird lightning keeping me away from electrical bits mostly. Scary climate change. I’ve been flat out busy though, so now I’m going to take a rest by visiting my lovely bloggerverse for a bit. I’ve been re-polishing my published books – going through them very slowly to make sure all is well inside and out, with a bit of tweaking all around. I’m also making the paper books smaller and changing the white for cream paper – they look much better that way. I’m banging away at the books to be published this year, and also getting cracking on the illustrations for my first children’s book. I’ve done piles of pencil sketches so far, but just today started the colouring process on one of them. It’s a bit blurry, and not nearly finished – I’m still going to do quite a bit of digital fiddling with it to tidy it up but this is it so far. I’m way too excited at the whole thing to keep it to myself till it’s finished.


I’ve never written anything for children before, so I’m finding it a little scary to be honest. Kids aren’t stupid and they don’t like to be preached to, and this little book is about properly taking care of your pets, so getting into little heads without offending little people is somewhat of a large learning curve. In between trying to be a tomato whisperer – I think I transplanted my heirlooms and chillies a little late, so they’re growing sloooooow, I’ve made a new dream catcher cover and loaded it up on the page, and I’m also getting sketches and pics together for my (or rather African Me’s Princess Sithole’s) Africolonial tongue in cheek recipe book. See. Busy, busy bunny me. Now I’m off to lounge around in blog land.



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In those old times of war and blight
Faces turned from crimes of day and night
Chose not to see our world die behind lie on lie.
When those fiery riders came that final time, to forever shield the light
Falling scales of apathy, too late forced truth to every shuttered eye.
It was too late to rebel. Too late to fight.

She rose from the ashes after those fire years. That warrior lord
When the Earth could take no more.
She allowed no further crime to wound the face of God.
She called her hidden armies, so ridiculed before.
They came from their secret places, and their places of helpless war
To protect the weak and the voiceless with swords that cut and burned. Words no more.

Now we see those wrongs that we unthinking wrought
Those unseen evils of greed, and stolen beauty bought.
Shame-filled tears too late for those gone before
Too late for this Earth shrouded in endless night.
The warrior lord watches. It is our world no more
Now is time for rebirth. Of the innocent and the wild.
The moment of man is done now. Too little, too late, emblazons our shrine,
And the warrior’s sword falls only for the souls of light.

Dragon Oops

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I’ve been fiddling with my dragon on and off for ages, although I never have much time to spend on him. Today I was fiddling around with some illustrations I’m doing for someone, and all of a sudden I spot this pic of stars in my public domain collection. So I zoom across to my dragon pic – that’s a LOT different from the real paper one after a couple of hours of tweaking on the computer, and just pop it on there for fun. OOPS – hit the save button, and fiddled with dragon is no more. So.

I’ll be using this one for my Twitter account anyway until I can find some time to start fiddling again with the scanned guy. Talk about seeing stars! Bah!

Dragon Star C

A Walk on The Wild Side

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I’m all buckled and bent from painting all day. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination – I think pre-school was the last time anyone tried to show me how to draw. I’m determined to give this cover art my best shot though, no matter how doubtful I’m feeling right now. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as my dear old mother used to say. I’m doing a stand alone painting for African Me, but for Shadow People I had a bit of a brainwave. It could also be my unfortunate desire for instant gratification. Apparently people who desire instant gratification are actually lazy, and lack self-control. So…

Because it will be a series, it occurred to me that I could get more than one cover from one painting, linking one to the other, and creating a sense of continuity. Lovely idea you say? Well. Even though going from stick figures to the Sistine Chapel was obviously not what I was aiming for, it’s really not as easy as I thought it would be. Regardless, bent muscles notwithstanding, I’m still a bit hopeful that this might work in conjunction with the photo shopping thing.

So, right now I’ve got a humungous piece of hardboard with key scenes from the Shadow People series plopped around and about on a background that needs work – to put it mildly. I’m revamping the first book in the series for release at the same time as African Me. Being the secretive soul that I am, I’ll just share the very first really rough pencil doodle of my vision of what the Voxavi look like (just a tiny part of the total painting). Yes I know I haven’t even rubbed out lines that shouldn’t be there, and he does acquire some really cool spikes in the painting, but… As with the poem for African Me, I’m going to save the final for the actual book. My theory being that if you don’t find the doodle rotten and offensive, and curse me forever for offending your delicate eyeballs, you may not hate the final cover pictures. I’m praying here that ridicule and laughter aren’t lurking in my future.

Voxavi Rough
I will say though, that regardless of whether my attempts are toolish or not, I don’t think that I’ve ever had so much fun. Scribbling is my favourite thing to do, but letting loose, and immersing yourself in art and poetry for a while is really an amazing thing to do. I totally recommend leaping wildly from your comfort zone now and then, and doing something you never imagined that you could. What have you got to lose?

Till next time friends. xxx

So Little Time

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Thinking that I would just pop my next short story up today, I started the day off transferring more of my scribbles from memory sticks to my new computer. Then I got sidetracked and spent a couple of hours opening links that I’d emailed to myself to bookmark, and reading ALL of them. Then I got the placement for things for one of my covers lobbed into my frontal cortex by my painting muse (she’s a bit rough around the edges that one), so I had to zoom off and sketch it straight away (looks a bit like a deranged lizard gazing out over a field of mushrooms). Then I did a lot more unproductive things, had a mini panic attack because I hadn’t checked out all my emails yet, came up for air, heard a loud bang in the kitchen (feathered horde flinging a tea cup to the floor), jumped up too fast, and ran into a chair. So… All back to normal then.

My problem is that I want to do too much. And I want it all done immediately. So I have three books on the go, as well as five paintings that I want all finished at the same time to use for my covers. My personally inflicted deadline is looming now. It’s probably crazy to think this will all be done when I expect it to be, but then again, you never know. I remember once when I first started driving, I got my car into a spot that it couldn’t get out of without something being horribly scratched, as you do, so I asked four guys I spotted wandering down the road to just pick it up and straighten it out. They looked a bit startled, then each of them grabbed a corner, and did just that. Didn’t look overly hard either. I’ve since been told that this would be absolutely impossible to do, and that I must be stretching the truth by a very long way indeed. The look that accompanied this sentence definitely suggested that I was the biggest talker of crap on the planet also. I’m not though. Could be they were just really strong guys, or maybe the confidence of my expectation left no room for self-doubt. Who knows? I suppose that if you really believe you can do something, you can. That would work both ways too.

If you think that you can’t do something, even subconsciously, then you can rest assured that you won’t get it done. You might not realise that that’s the reason though. You’ll blame it on social networking, cooking for the demanding swine who live in your house and insist on eating all the time, or any number of time-consuming things that keep you from finishing your projects. I have the opposite problem to that. I think I can do anything at all. Then I end up running into walls and chairs, and realising that I actually can’t. Well. I still think I can. Now I just have to figure out a way to manipulate time itself. Probably doable too. I’ll have to see if I can squeeze finding out more about that in-between scribbling and flinging paint around.

Which reminds me – I bought a book on fantasy art techniques, and tried to copy a bit of one of the paintings in there for practice. I’m not using this for anything, calling it my own, or trying to sell it, so I’m hoping it’s not grand theft art! My covers will be 100% original – this is just to figure out how to paint in general. Anyway – it’s coming along so I’ll share it with you here. It’s a nude too! Then you can tell me to to stop buggering about and just buy stuff from Dreamstime instead.

Till next time friends. Xxx