Have Computer, Will Read

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Just a quickie before I zoom off, especially for my blogger friends around the world who don’t have access to Amazon accounts. For any of you who think that you have to have an Amazon account to have the Kindle free reading app on your computer, you DO NOT, here’s the link to download the free software. FREE Kindle Reader Software You can read any compatible book sent to you by email on this software.

With Amazon freebies, you have to open an account. This you can do with a Visa credit or debit card. To qualify to download free books from Amazon in particular, you have to first buy and pay for one. Only one. Then you can download as many public domain or free books as you like.

I’m not sharing this information because I believe that people should only download free books, but because there are a lot of avid readers who genuinely can’t afford to buy them, nor do they have the facilities or means to open an Amazon account.

There are also those who, because of the countries that they live in or other circumstances, will never have access to any sort of credit or debit card. But. As I said when I first started scribbling, all of my books would always be free to any of my African friends who wanted to read them, or any others around the globe in similar situations.

You don’t have to have an account to download the free Kindle Reader software, and once you have it, you can read any book emailed to you by any author with a compatible book file, and I know that there are a lot of authors out there who will be more than happy to send you their books without any need for any sort of compensation, as do I.

So guys, download away, and if any of you would like free copies of any of my scribbles, send me an email on – I don’t expect any reviews or anything like that in return at all. I just think it would be cool for Africa and any other place having a hard time accessing books, to all have some sort of access to Kindle Readers so that they can read too.

Van Gogh pd book

Little Freebies

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Fly Birdie is free today and tomorrow if anyone fancies a little read.

The Visitation will be free on 24 – 25 September, so I’ll post those links on Tuesday.


Fly Birdie