Power2Indies Big Book Bash – You’re ALL Invited!

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The schedules are starting to go out for this year’s Power2Indies Big Book Bash event on Facebook beginning 17th October. I was a bit late last year (ahem) and only managed to book one slot, but if you get moving now you can book two one hour slots on the event, where you get to take over and chat about yourself and your work to all those attending. This event is open to ALL – bloggers – authors – illustrators – publishers, and of course – readers. It was great last year and I gave away piles of freebies and sold a couple of discounted books too. Also a huge amount of fun chatting away to strangers all about what I do – wonderful!

So EVERYONE is invited! Check out Fraser’s blog post Power2Indies Big Book Bash for more info, join the event Power2Indies Big Book Bash Facebook Event and send your details (name, twitter handle and email address) to Fraser Stoopman at email address just as quickly as you can, because the slots are given on a first come first serve basis, and you REALLY don’t want to miss out on this one – you’ll have a ball.


99 Cents or Free Books Today

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There’s a massive short on a power line up the road, and the lights are making like a disco here, so I’m guessing that the power is going to go out for a bit when someone comes to fix it. If they don’t come soon something’s going to go bang – it’s already making some creepy loud noises. So before I disappear – or get righteously zapped, I want to share my little promotion. I’ve decided to have a sale on my scribbles at Amazon only. My two short stories will be free from today till the 24th and Shadow People and African Me & Satellite TV are on sale at 99 cents for now. The links are under the cover pics just in case anyone feels like splurging.

AM Cover V1 - Copy (2) Smashwords

African Me & Satellite TV

SP 1 MAY 14

Shadow People

Test Fly Birdie 6.25 9.5 size (2)

Fly Birdie

The Visitation New (2) 6.25 9.5

The Visitation

International Authors Day 18 July – Tour and Giveaway

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International Authors Day

There are National and International Days for just about every little thing under the sun, including Wiggle Your Toes Day coming up on the August 6 by the way. I for one have every intention of wiggling my toes like crazy for that entire date. When self-confessed super book addict and reviewer Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay found out that there was no International Authors Day she decided to remedy that sorry fact.

She said :

“ I was shocked to realize that there’s isn’t an International Authors’ Day that we can all celebrate to show our appreciation for the hours of hard work that authors put into their books… So I decided to do something about it!

I am going to celebrate ‘International Authors’ Day’ on 18th July. Will you join me?

I will be organizing a Blog hop that will go on from 14th to 18th July. Join in and write a post on your favourite Books & Authors, or about how you got into reading, or why you love reading, or …. you get my drift. Let’s show these folks that we love and cherish them! “

As a lifelong reader with my own incurable addiction to scribbles of all kinds, all I can say is that I was pretty surprised too. Of course there should be a day to celebrate authors. Their books have nurtured and educated me all my life. In times of sadness they’ve lifted me up. In other times that weren’t particularly particular, they’ve made me laugh, or think on things I could never have imagined. I’ve wandered down paths with Peter Rabbit, pondered the joys of Green Eggs and Ham, and gone on adventures with all of Enid Blyton’s crew. Furtively read bodice rippers and Jilly Cooper in those angsty teenaged years taught that most real men aren’t quite that … interesting. I’ve flown with dragons, travelled those wild plains before time with Jean M Auel, and sobbed over the death of a Duncton mole. Books have been my constant companions, and always will be. Many authors are my loves. Sometimes what they write will strike a cord, as if they could be writing about me. Bonds are formed when they wave their glittering wands and transport me to magical places and other times.


So tomorrow raise your glasses in gratitude to your favourite authors, without whom many lives would have been much paler trips indeed. And all you writers out there, lean back and bask in the warmth of our love – thank you for putting your worlds between covers and sharing them with us. Happy YOUR day finally.


Now – from a scribblers point of view – taking part in this wonderful blog tour entails hosting a giveaway of my books right here on this post. I’m sure that nobody will be at all surprised when I say that I’ve just spent FIVE hours trying to load a Rafflecopter onto my website to link here. I’m almost there I think, and hopefully it will go live in not too much time. I’ll update this if when it does. The Rafflecopter on Facebook seems to be working though, so it might be a better idea to head over there. My first one of these things – well done me! The only thing to do to enter the Rafflecopter is to add a thought on reading or your favourite authors in the comments of this post, and that’s only because it seems you have to do something to enter one of these things.

Apart from that, I will be giving away one of each of all of my published e-books to anyone who pops their email address to me from the Contact Me box above until the July 20 – comment or not. I’m a lurker too, and sometimes those comments just won’t come when you try and force one.

Here’s a list of participants in this tour just in case you fancy joining in – everyone’s welcome :

Miedo by Kevin Cooper – My Review

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It’s not often that my jaw physically drops when I’m reading a book, especially in a biographical drama where you know you can expect a real life shocker or two, so you’re pretty much expecting them to come. I had a couple of those moments reading Miedo with the matter of fact way that Kevin Cooper tells his story. I read it in two sittings, because at every point you just have to know what happens next, and now I’m hoping that there will be much more to come from Miedo.
The author has a unique way of drawing you into these early years in a way that will keep you riveted, and the mixture of joy, shock, and some real hair-raising terror that are so skilfully woven into some of the delights of childhood not only had me right there in Miedo’s life, but also remembering things about my own childhood that I’m sure I wouldn’t have otherwise. The descriptive scenes in this book did for me what very few books do, and had me not only seeing the apple tree in the garden, but smelling the blossoms too. Even if the characters in this book were all fictitious it still makes for a five star read, and believe me when I say that a couple of them, like Miedo’s sisters, make for some definite jaw-dropping moments. For all the twists and turns in this child’s life, even though I was sometimes appalled at some of the things that happened to him, his strength shines through always, and you always feel rather safe and somehow comfortable in his presence. Wonderful reading, and I fully recommend it.

The Writers Shack Rocks

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A while ago, before being struck down by sugar and almost expiring entirely, I won second prize in the really, really cool The Writers Shack Biggest Book Giveaway Ever. I’ve got piles of fantastic new ebooks, and then today I got a couple of wonderful surprises too. The Writers Shack is a favourite site to pop into – there’s always something good happening over there.

I was expecting a parcel of my own books. You never know how these will arrive around here though – sometimes I get them from the post office, and sometimes a really zoomy Fedex driver arrives at warp speed in the driveway and tosses them at me out of his window. Anyway, I’d got my notification that my books had been shipped, and then I got the post office slip, so I assumed these were them. Not so keen on the post office though – I reckon those guys study for years to perfect the art of ultimate slowness, and rudeness immaculate in its delivery every time. This morning I almost got annoyed (I don’t often get annoyed, because I generally find people fascinating, even when they’re being gigantic tools). I came close today only because I had to hold my jeans up as well as my cellphone and bits and pieces. This no sugar and carb thing really does the trick by the way, so skinny jeans aren’t at all skinny anymore, and I had no desire to flash my bum at the worthy citizens of this little town.

That postal guy accidently (maybe not though – he was really GOOD at doing strange things), flung his stapler all the way across the room, spent twenty five minutes trying to fix it – failed – and then wandered off for half an hour. When he came back, he glared at me for a while, then wandered off some more. Finally he came back with two small parcels, dropped my ID in between the wall and the back of his desk, and tried to write with his pen while holding it upside down. You can’t get annoyed with that kind of talent, and even more impressive – while doing all of these amazing things, he never uttered a single word. So I just smiled and held on to my pants while he fished my ID out from a behind a pile of stuff under his desk with a ruler. Anyway. Turns out that these two parcels held two paperback books sent to me by their authors as part of my win on The Writers Shack Giveaway.

I’m so chuffed and impressed I can’t stop grinning. I know that it’s expensive to ship books across the globe to South Africa, but that to me is money well spent, because these two authors have just got themselves one new die-hard fan each. Both of these books are genres that I enjoy, and reading them is going to be an absolute pleasure. So thank you very much to Riley Banks for sending me her book, Vampire Origins.

Riley Banks

I love medical mysteries, so thank you so very much to Candace Calvert for not only sending me a copy of her book Trauma Plan, but especially for including a lovely handwritten note and some wonderfully useful bookmarks. I really loved that.

Candace Calvert

The What You’re Allowed to Read Police

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I’m not going to be doing much until Monday, then I’ll catch up with all the posts I have due. I’ve decided to give myself four days off, just to properly give my old bod a bit of a treat after the hammering it’s taken the last couple of weeks. I suspect that I won’t actually clock out right now, but I seriously don’t have the energy to do much more than read some blogs and hit a like button or two. I’m reasoning that now I’m starting to feel a bit human again, I’ll be munching a bit more than I have been lately, and so should be ready to resume the zooming in a couple of days. My usual guilt at not being around much lately tried to kick in, but this time I whacked it on the noodle. Sometimes you just have to slow right down, or you’ll end up falling properly on your bum, and those hard falls can be hard to get up from. So. Holiday mode day one of four.


I have been reading blogs around and about, even though I really don’t have the energy to do much else, and I’ve noticed a lot of fuss about adults reading YA books, as in Read whatever you want. But you should be embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.. Pardon? Since when should anyone be embarrassed about what they choose to read? I’ll read whatever the hell I want to, thank you very much.


It seems rather pathetic to me to try and fit what you read into such specific sizes. That’s all very well for clothes or shoes – you will most certainly look like a tool wearing a giant babygro in your twenties, so yes, wear adult clothing, but the thought of someone saying that now that you’ve hit a certain age, you must read literary books written specifically for adults makes me cross. What you read, and when you read it, is entirely your business, and also dependant on how alert your parents are. I had read Valley of the Dolls, all of Jilly Cooper’s books, and quite of lot of REALLY adult books by the time I was thirteen, and now that I couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a pucker adult, I not only enjoy reading YA books now and then, but I still revisit Beatrix Potter, and other childhood books too.


What you read is entirely your personal decision, and you should never be embarrassed about it EVER. What next? You will ONLY wear red undies on Mondays, because pink is NOT for grownups. Naah. Down with all these Must Do police popping up all over the place.


Voices of Nature Blog Tour

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Stars Above (alouette)

Starry nights shine bright
Thousands of wee lights
Constellations light the sky
Darkness shows contrast
While clouds have gone past
Suspended in time up high

Pisces and Leo
Taurus and Virgo
Constellations light the sky
Libra, Pegasus
Worlds of tiny lights float by

©2014 Poetry by Pamela, all rights reserved.

This is just a sample of the poetry you will find in Voices of Nature. There are dozens more poems for you to savor.

You can buy it here for only $.99 for Kindle – it also available in paperback ($7.19) on Amazon.

Poetry gives voice to what the eyes see and the heart hears.

Inspiration exists all around us. Beauty can be found in the laughter of a child or the blooms of a tree. Poems are one person’s interpretation of the world seen through their eyes and felt in their heart. Poetry is soul food – plain and simple.

Voices of Nature is a collection of poems that reflect the inherent splendor of nature all around us. This book utilizes a variety of poetry forms to paint word pictures.

One review said “The sheer variety of styles in this poetry book is amazing. Haiku, triple haiku, acrostic, rondeau, and so many others. Even better is that they explain the poems in the back, which is a great service to the curious reader.

Each poem is clear and paints a perfect picture of nature. Though, I have an odd feeling that both poets were tired of winter since that had the most amount of poems out of the season sections. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did love the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ acrostic for the imagery and ‘New Day’ for the complicated style and bringing an odd sense of serene closure to the book.

I would highly recommend this poetry book. Even if you’re not into poetry, the pieces for every season will probably have you going ‘I thought the same thing.’

Pamela previously released a collection of love poems titled Dreams of Love with several five star reviews. She has been writing for a short time, but pours her soul into her poetry.

Kirsten collaborated on a collection called Hope’s Flight.

This is a collection created by two poets – Pamela B and Kirsten A.
Both women enjoy exploring various topics and poetry forms. Many forms are represented in Voices of Nature (along with a short description of the forms for your convenience). Buy Voices of Nature for only $.99 today and experience the wonders all around us.

Look Into My Eyes – You’re Getting Sleepy……

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I have weird sleeping habits. I tend to wake up and start my days in the middle of the night, and go to sleep really early. Last night in a (failed) attempt to stay up past my normal bed time, I ended up watching a most peculiar documentary about an ex scientologist called Marty Rathbun at war with current scientologists. The “war” itself was pretty whacko, and involved stalking and getting in his face while wearing T-shirts with pictures of his head plonked onto a squirrel body on it.

daily mail
Picture: The Daily Mail

Granted, I wasn’t at my most alert, but even so, I was amazed at what science fiction writers can accomplish if they set their minds to it, and with the aid of a little acid apparently.

This seems to be how it works if your moniker was Ron L Hubbard :

1. Write some cool sci-fi books and get to being famous. (I actually loved Battlefield Earth to be honest)


2. Decide to rule the Earth by starting a new religion.


3. Write Dianetics. Get a minion to offer this for free to unsuspecting teenager out shopping for boots (me), then get all agro with her until she “willingly donates” money to your cause.


4. Listen to (her) guardian angel and don’t look back and see her tossing said book into a bin, and giving you The Epic Finger of Doom.


5. Invite new members to Level 1 of your new church for a couple of grand.

oh dear

6. Then to Level 2 for some more moola.

7. Insist on a lot of dosh for entry into the next hallowed level. Then share the most shocking truth about the human race. DRUMROLL!


This “truth” discovered by Ron L Hubbard, and obviously believed by thousands of people (who really should be peeing themselves laughing as they grab their money back and run out the door) is:-


Seventy five million years ago, Xenu, cruel ruler of the then Galactic Confederation of seventy six planets of which Earth (then known as Teegeeack) was one, decided to sort out his overpopulation problem by stacking millions of aliens around and about Earth’s volcanoes and blowing them up with hydrogen bombs. Then their souls (Thetans) hung around, and apparently now inhabit all humans, causing all our problems. Each problem being a different Thetan – must get quite crowded in my bod sometimes! The whole goal of this religion seems to be to oust the trouble causing Thetans from our persons in order to attain some sort of Nirvana, with the use of auditing members and using a mood meter. Then there was a bit about further brainwashing of humans when we die on Venus, before hitting the return to Earth button, but it was all too much for me by then and I fell asleep. At some point, when all these really strange guys realise that they’ve been taken for a ride on the biggest funky train in the universe, it will have to go down in history as the most successful April Fools joke Ever! And there was me thinking that a sentient chicken might be a little over the top. Rock on Ron L Hubbard! Sci-fi really does rule the world.


Wow! It looks like I’m on the right road to world domination now – better get me some mind-bending medication, and get to seeing what truths are revealed, so I can then get me some congregation and make billions. Ha haaaaa! What a crazy world we live on, with all the poverty, cruelty, and sadness growing, while hundreds of thousands of nutters spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on such foolishness. Anyway.

Funky Weather and Invitation to Host for Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Authors

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Time to clean up, and mop up, and get moving on with things. I am WAY behind with everything, and really tired too, so that doesn’t help much. I’m seriously weather-obsessed at the moment. I’ve lived in cyclone territory, and I’ve seen some really epic weather. The kind where medium sized trees go zooming past your window. But this constant, constant, every day storms for weeks without stopping has really got my attention. It’s not right. There have been quite a lot of deaths here, mainly from drowning after being washed off your feet, or washed away in a vehicle. Rain is predicted till Friday, but I’m holding thumbs that there won’t be much of it, because I really can’t imagine where it’s going to end up. Everything’s overflowing and absolutely waterlogged.

I wonder where this old space-faring rock will be in two years – weather-wise. I know that the experts talk about ocean levels being x centimetres higher in x many decades, but I think that spouting arb figures is a whole lot less concerning than just how extreme the weather events around the world have been just over the previous twelve months. It’s been a year of extremes everywhere. Highest ever recorded wind speed in the Phillipines – in fact, I remember someone saying that those wind speeds had previously been thought not to be possible on Earth. Floods, freezes, droughts, tornados – so many records this year. Lightning seems to be getting a lot stronger too, and what on Earth is Thundersnow? It’s all just dodgy, and I don’t believe the guys who say that these are just one-off events. Clearly it’s not just going to get better. It’s going to get worse. Just the way it is getting worse right now.

Anyway. I have mounds of things to get caught up with, and I think that the best way to do it this time would be to start at the top and work my way down, so if I seem to be behaving more topsy turvy than usual, that will be why. It’s really cool to be able to bang away at my computer again, and open my sites properly. I can’t stand missing out on anything, and I’ve missed all of you, so I might get a little overfriendly too, so……

Before I zoom off, if any of you guys are interested in hosting Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight authors, please join the club (click on the sidebar image) and give me a shout. Our hosts have their posts massively shared, so it’s a really cool thing to be doing.


Monday Tag a Book Day! Par Deux.

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I’ve been invited to participate in a Blog Chain by Melanie Toye author of:

Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours to achieve great results. From the outside she appears to have her life in order as a successful career woman. Yet a jealous rival is determined to do anything to take her down and soon Miranda’s life turns problematic.

Grace and Louise both met Miranda through work and lead interesting lives of their own. Grace a free spirit, falls in love with a man that appears to be perfect. When her true love goes missing her world soon falls apart. Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. Retirement and a new relationship seem like bliss until one night’s event changes everything.

Entice Me is a journey that explores life changing events that forces each woman to rediscover themselves and what they are seeking from life.

Meltdowns, break-ups, love and laughter make Entice Me into an entertaining read.

Thank you so much for including me Melanie!

The rules of this tag are to answer the following four writing questions, and then tag three other authors. Next week, March 10, 2014, these three authors will answer the same questions if they want to, and tag three others, and so the chain continues to grow larger. This will enable readers to get to know more authors and their books. It will also allow everyone to get to know these authors a little better.


1. What are you currently working on?

Apart from the bits mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been doing a lot of research for my Shadow People series. I’ve often been intrigued by fiction that somehow touches on legends and myths, and that’s a big part of these books. I look up science facts and theories on space travel, multiple universes – string theory, and also the listings of angels and their given tasks. Right now I’m researching the mythical jewel that fell to Earth from Satan’s crown – an emerald. Crystals have a large part to play in this series.

2. How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

Show me two books by different authors in the same genre that aren’t totally different, and I’ll yell, “Pirate!”

3. Why do you write what you do?

Because I never restrict myself. I let whatever wants to come, come.

4. How does your writing process work?

And one more time Seymour! Going to repeat myself here. Yes – word for word too! Generally it begins with a character. These people (or dragons, or sentient chickens) arrive fully named and clothed generally, and let me know what they plan to be getting on with. On the couple of occasions that things stopped flowing naturally on their own, I ended up with some really rotten pages, so I never try to force the words anymore – I zoom off and spend some time with my friends on the wonderful web – which is currently still mostly locking me out by the way. Now that I’m getting a little more experience as a writer, I make sure to make notes of characters and scenes as I go along. I also stick poster sheets on the wall, and jot in possible future scenes and character information on that too.

Now to pick my three books.

Book 1:

If you’re still labouring under the misconception that female horror authors can’t scare the pants off you, then you obviously haven’t come across Kizzy Lee. It amazes me that she is an absolute angel in real life, overcoming so many really painful obstacles with a smile on her face and love in her heart. I think sometimes that those books of hers that you only ever want to read in the daylight hours are the vessels for the horror. Superb!
This is a compilation of stories, so you can get your terror in, hopefully, manageable pieces.

Book 2:

Mark Myers first caught my attention last year when I saw him donating proceeds of his books to children in Africa. Of course I love this man! It was a massive bonus that I love the way he writes. I’m a fan of young Virgil now – even follow him on Twitter.
What happens when four boys accidently knock out an eccentric stranger and get the mistaken impression that they’ve blinded him? They rescue a mangy mutt from the dump and train it to be his seeing-eye dog, in the hope of absolving their guilt, of course. Further complicating the effort is the fact that one of the boys lays claim to the dog as his own, which sets off a hilarious chain of events as the miscreant plots and schemes to steal the hound back from the old man.

The miscreant is none other than Virgil Creech, youngest of nine bickering brothers in Portsong’s most notorious family. Virgil enlists the help of his only friend, Henry Lee to retrieve the dog, now happily answering to the name Oscar. But the wary Henry begins his own quest for the truth about Oscar’s history. Guided by the dog’s new owner, the kindly Colonel Clarence Birdwhistle, Henry learns about more about life and friendship than he ever does about Oscar.

Set in the 1920’s, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption probes deep into the mind of a boy, which is a shallow thing indeed. Follow Virgil as he plots and plunders his way through school, church, town, and quite possibly into your heart. His antics are hard for even the stoutest soul to tolerate, but don’t write him off just yet. There is always hope that young Virgil might just find his way.

With colorful characters and unforgettable wit, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption will leave you ready to take up residence in Portsong – halfway between Savannah and heaven.

Book 3:

Francis Guenette has just published the second book in her series. Her first is still waiting patiently for me on my ever towering pile of books I really want to read. I also really enjoy her blog, because not only does she share her author’s journey and share tips, she also blogs about herself and her life, and posts the most amazing photos of her gorgeous surroundings.
As circumstances spiral out of control, Lisa-Marie is desperate to return to Crater Lake. The young girl’s resolve is strengthened when she learns that Justin Roberts is headed there for a summer job at the local sawmill. Her sudden appearance causes turmoil. The mere sight of Lisa-Marie upsets the relationship Liam Collins has with trauma counsellor, Izzy Montgomery. All he wants to do is love Izzy, putter in the garden and mind the chickens. Bethany struggles with her own issues as Beulah hits a brick wall in her efforts to keep the organic bakery and her own life running smoothly. A native elder and a young boy who possesses a rare gift show up seeking family. A mystery writer arrives to rent the guest cabin and a former client returns looking for Izzy’s help. Life is never dull for those who live on the secluded shores of Crater Lake. Set against the backdrop of Northern Vancouver Island, The Light Never Lies is a story of heartbreaking need and desperate measures. People grapple with the loss of cherished ideals to discover that love comes through the unique family ties they create as they go.