18 July

International Authors Day 18 July – Tour and Giveaway

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International Authors Day

There are National and International Days for just about every little thing under the sun, including Wiggle Your Toes Day coming up on the August 6 by the way. I for one have every intention of wiggling my toes like crazy for that entire date. When self-confessed super book addict and reviewer Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay found out that there was no International Authors Day she decided to remedy that sorry fact.

She said :

“ I was shocked to realize that there’s isn’t an International Authors’ Day that we can all celebrate to show our appreciation for the hours of hard work that authors put into their books… So I decided to do something about it!

I am going to celebrate ‘International Authors’ Day’ on 18th July. Will you join me?

I will be organizing a Blog hop that will go on from 14th to 18th July. Join in and write a post on your favourite Books & Authors, or about how you got into reading, or why you love reading, or …. you get my drift. Let’s show these folks that we love and cherish them! “

As a lifelong reader with my own incurable addiction to scribbles of all kinds, all I can say is that I was pretty surprised too. Of course there should be a day to celebrate authors. Their books have nurtured and educated me all my life. In times of sadness they’ve lifted me up. In other times that weren’t particularly particular, they’ve made me laugh, or think on things I could never have imagined. I’ve wandered down paths with Peter Rabbit, pondered the joys of Green Eggs and Ham, and gone on adventures with all of Enid Blyton’s crew. Furtively read bodice rippers and Jilly Cooper in those angsty teenaged years taught that most real men aren’t quite that … interesting. I’ve flown with dragons, travelled those wild plains before time with Jean M Auel, and sobbed over the death of a Duncton mole. Books have been my constant companions, and always will be. Many authors are my loves. Sometimes what they write will strike a cord, as if they could be writing about me. Bonds are formed when they wave their glittering wands and transport me to magical places and other times.


So tomorrow raise your glasses in gratitude to your favourite authors, without whom many lives would have been much paler trips indeed. And all you writers out there, lean back and bask in the warmth of our love – thank you for putting your worlds between covers and sharing them with us. Happy YOUR day finally.


Now – from a scribblers point of view – taking part in this wonderful blog tour entails hosting a giveaway of my books right here on this post. I’m sure that nobody will be at all surprised when I say that I’ve just spent FIVE hours trying to load a Rafflecopter onto my website to link here. I’m almost there I think, and hopefully it will go live in not too much time. I’ll update this if when it does. The Rafflecopter on Facebook seems to be working though, so it might be a better idea to head over there. My first one of these things – well done me! The only thing to do to enter the Rafflecopter is to add a thought on reading or your favourite authors in the comments of this post, and that’s only because it seems you have to do something to enter one of these things.

Apart from that, I will be giving away one of each of all of my published e-books to anyone who pops their email address to me from the Contact Me box above until the July 20 – comment or not. I’m a lurker too, and sometimes those comments just won’t come when you try and force one.

Here’s a list of participants in this tour just in case you fancy joining in – everyone’s welcome :