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There’s a massive short on a power line up the road, and the lights are making like a disco here, so I’m guessing that the power is going to go out for a bit when someone comes to fix it. If they don’t come soon something’s going to go bang – it’s already making some creepy loud noises. So before I disappear – or get righteously zapped, I want to share my little promotion. I’ve decided to have a sale on my scribbles at Amazon only. My two short stories will be free from today till the 24th and Shadow People and African Me & Satellite TV are on sale at 99 cents for now. The links are under the cover pics just in case anyone feels like splurging.

AM Cover V1 - Copy (2) Smashwords

African Me & Satellite TV

SP 1 MAY 14

Shadow People

Test Fly Birdie 6.25 9.5 size (2)

Fly Birdie

The Visitation New (2) 6.25 9.5

The Visitation