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Quickie Tip – Amazon Global Links

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Now and then I’ll spot a book I like on Twitter, click on the link to go buy it, and find myself on the Amazon UK site. Unless I really, really have to have it I won’t bother to log on to where I get to shop, so someone just lost a sale. A while ago this year, I spent HOURS laboriously heading off to each different Amazon site, copying and pasting all my book links there, then turning them into links to pop on to my book page up above. They’re still there because I’m not taking down all my hard work, on the general principal of the thing. Then, after working my fingers to the bone like that, a lovely blogger friend let me know that there had been no need to do it at all. What you need is your Amazon Global Link, which automatically takes whoever clicks on it to the Amazon site relevant to their country. If you haven’t already got yours, pop over to Free GeoIP and save yourself the pain of the over-clicked finger.