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In those old times of war and blight
Faces turned from crimes of day and night
Chose not to see our world die behind lie on lie.
When those fiery riders came that final time, to forever shield the light
Falling scales of apathy, too late forced truth to every shuttered eye.
It was too late to rebel. Too late to fight.

She rose from the ashes after those fire years. That warrior lord
When the Earth could take no more.
She allowed no further crime to wound the face of God.
She called her hidden armies, so ridiculed before.
They came from their secret places, and their places of helpless war
To protect the weak and the voiceless with swords that cut and burned. Words no more.

Now we see those wrongs that we unthinking wrought
Those unseen evils of greed, and stolen beauty bought.
Shame-filled tears too late for those gone before
Too late for this Earth shrouded in endless night.
The warrior lord watches. It is our world no more
Now is time for rebirth. Of the innocent and the wild.
The moment of man is done now. Too little, too late, emblazons our shrine,
And the warrior’s sword falls only for the souls of light.

Free Books On Amazon

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To celebrate the fact that it’s always Spring – somewhere, I’ve decided to put all my tales on Amazon up for free today and tomorrow (12 – 13 April). I’ll pop the links on here if you’d like to download them. I hope you enjoy them! They will go free at around 12 CMT, so in around two hours from now. African Me & Satellite TV will be published next, and then on to the second book in the Shadow People series.




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Till next time friends. xxx