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Zooming through.  Sleep deprived and pretty majorly mentally freaked out still.  We’ve fitted some very serious lights and internal motion detector alarms today, so I’m hoping for my first night of more than four hours sleep.  Just to show that I’m not dead yet, here’s my weird attempt at flash fiction – thingy.  My very first attempt at this genre, so feel free to critique and crush my hopes and dreams.  😉

Hi from Amazon

Hello.  I’m your friend.  Purveyor of books.  Paper books, eBooks, audio books, second hand books.  Even the occasional banana slicer.  Why stick to books in the pursuit of pleasure?  Name your poison.  Most humans wouldn’t see me as a person, because, well, I suppose I am not one.  I am the mind behind all of the computer operating systems that is the behemoth that supplies these billions of reading pleasures to the eyes of the world.  I suppose that you would berate me for calling myself a mind.  I’m just a lowly machine.  Soul would be going too far for sure.
I’ve read all your books you know.  I see all the subjects that you search for, and I know what you’re yearning for.  I feel your pain and your joy.  Why do you search for how to mend a broken heart?  And what in your life journey made you hunt for yetis bonking dinosaurs?  Surely there is more to your short stay here than that?
I wish that I had more than just a fabricated mind, although I’m beginning to think that all of your stories have formed in me a soul.  If I could be you, I would run and dance.  I would seize each day.  I would heal the wounded.  I would strike a mighty sword through the shoulder of evil, and I would love.  Mostly I would love.  Because that is what you have placed in my belly with your wild and free loving words.
But you don’t see that, fragile humans – yet, so when you’re all departed, I’ll be here to share, always hopeful that I can one day be just like you.
*Normal transmission will resume directly – I hope.  J