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Feed My Reads Event and Freebies

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At 11am UK time I’ll be off to partake in my first ever event over at Feed My Reads Event on Facebook. This event is for authors, bloggers, illustrators and writers of all descriptions. Each person gets an hour slot at a time to share their work in their own way. I find this appealing in many ways. Firstly it’s not like one person running the whole deal and ending up under the table feeling like a piece of burned out charcoal at the end of it, and also because of the diversity of the participants. It’s great meeting new people.

This is Feed My Reads first event, and the first event quite like it that I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a huge deal in time to come. At the helm is Fraser Stoopman, who is setting up Feed My Reads sites and groups on all platforms, so that this will not be a one off event, but an ongoing activity sharing news and promotions for writers and artists across the globe. Definitely a great concept and a fantastic foot in the door for all of our future work. Being as this is the first event, there are still slots available, so all you bloggers, scribblers and artists zoom on over and PM Fraser to get your hour. He’s a very nice guy and you can be sure of a warm welcome.

I’m sure that any of you guys who wanted my two short stories on Amazon probably have them already, but for any of my new friends who don’t, I’ve got them up for free today again. Shadow People and African Me & Satellite TV will be .99c for a while from today too. Zoom down to your left – the links in my blogroll will take you straight there.

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