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A Menu of Death by Lucy Pireel – Book Blast!

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Today is the day author Lucy Pireel introduces her new book, A Menu of Death to the reading world, and I am honoured to be part of her Book Blast team. So, here we go!

Underneath the veneer of humanity lies darkness.
Eight deadly tales that explore dark desires in which some do what it takes to obtain what they want, while others are led by events.
Wishes gone wrong, unhealthy obsessions, and cravings to sate.
A Menu of Death will take you on a blood curdling journey that you may not survive.

A Menu of Death

A collection of stories centered around vengeance, obsession, cravings, and life.

Pick one item on the Menu or devour the entire buffet
Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew
Read, but not with greed for
Death awaits, ready to come and collect its due

MOD Book

These eight short stories revolve around obsession, revenge, craving, love, and Death.
Whether it be a woman in need of rescue, a man who hungers for his wife, a demon lost, or wishes come true, all characters want something. Badly.
But … You can’t always get what you want, but you might just get what you need.

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About the author

Lucy Pireel

Lucy Pireel is a writer who doesn’t let herself be restricted to any one genre. She loves to write in whatever direction her current story leads her.
When she’s not writing, or reading, she is practicing or teaching yoga, her other passion. Or she could be on a long hike somewhere in the beautiful British nature.
Being an author it is almost a given she has a great love for chocolate and coffee to live on while writing, but she doesn’t shy away from trying to prepare intricate dishes, for cooking is another thing she enjoys.

Should you want to follow her she can be found at:

And because I know everyone’s just as nosy as I am when it comes to finding out more about our favourite author’s lives, I asked the lovely lady a couple of extra questions.

What inspired you to write your first book?
My son and his lovely way of asking for more stories.

What was the inspiration for the story?
Fairy tales, because I love them, my son loves them and we both wanted less of the sugary Disney version and more how they should be. Dark, gritty and not much in the happily ever after department.

Did you find a lot of support on your writing journey?
Yes, I can’t say anyone has ever not supported me in my writing. But there are moments when real life gets in the way of the writing, or is it the other way around? At those times the people around me wish I wasn’t an author with a deadline.

Who was most supportive?
Most supportive? Difficult, because like I said I didn’t really have had many adversities in my writing life, but if I have to choose someone, I’d say the dog, because the poor beast has to keep everything in and wait for food until I am done typing. I do rush when I know I have to feed the mob, or go for a pee round. 🙂

You write in more than one genre. Even so, do you have a specific writing style?
I love stories with a double layer, the underlying layer being a morale.

What’s your favorite colour? Why?
I love blue because the eyes of my favourite man are blue, and brown because … Well, the colour of my son’s eyes is brown.

What do you enjoy reading?
All well written books. Really I don’t have a favourite genre. All I can say is I do like sci-fi and paranormal, and thrillers, and crime, and the classics the best, but even dystopian has books worth my time.

What books have most influenced your life most?
The classics and Shakespeare. Mythology is another thing that keeps popping up.

Who’s your favourite author, and what turns you on?
Jo! I had no idea you did naughty questions too! Erm, I mean I quite like… Music? Yoga?
Ah, not naughty after all. 🙂 In that case, both! Music to relax to, to dance to, to have fun to, and to write to. And yoga to balance it all.

Have any new authors really grabbed your attention, and are there any indie authors out there today that you love?
I love the stories of Cammy May Hunnicut, naughty and not suitable for the ones who do not love love. 🙂 You yourself Ms. Robinson with your sci-fi scribblings as well as your shorts. Mike Saxton and his dystopian work, which is quite a feat knowing I do not like dystopian novels at all. I could go on, because in each genre there are those more than worth time and money to tip the scales in favour of the indies.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Yoga! And spending quality time with my loved ones, and cooking, and baking, and walking the neighbour’s dog, and gardening, and … Oops, sorry!

Is there anything you find difficult in your writing and publishing life?
Yes, to balance time between writing and engaging with people/fans who want to know things and I do love to engage with people even knowing it gobbles up valuable writing time.

What do you think has made you the writer and person you are today?
I guess life? Without all that life has thrown at me and how I dealt, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Tell us about your already published stories.
Well, the first one was really a sci-fi diptych called Life for a Trea and Craddle of Life, and then Consummation (zombie), followed by The Deserted Road (contest winner Writer’s Beat Quarterly).
But you mean my full works? Red Gone Bad, a collection of twisted Fairy Tales, followed by Heaven’s Closed, two short stories which are free on, and Bound, a BDSM novella, till we arrive here–today–at the release of A Menu of Death, a collection of horror shorts with a message much like fairy tales would have.



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