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National Braai Day in South Africa – and Another Little Freebie

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National Braai Day

It’s a public holiday here today. National Heritage Day/National Braai Day. I’ve been away for so long I haven’t got a clue why it’s got two names. I’ll be off to chop and dice stuff for salads and sides in a minute, before the manly process of cooking piles of meat and other bits on fire begins. Not wimmin’s work braaing, and our input or advice is most certainly not appreciated in this instance, in fact it’s generally most rudely discouraged. Not that I’m complaining. This means that I get to sit on my bum sipping bubbles, and generally waft around eyeballing things. Already the air all around is a haze of smoke. South Africans take their braais very seriously, and seeing as how this is a day all about that, I’m guessing the combined countrywide haze of millions of cooking fires will be spotted from space. So I’m off to join the fun.

Chisa Nyama

Before I go I’ll pop the links up for The Visitation. It will be free on Amazon from tomorrow 25-27 September in case anyone fancies a short read. I actually thought I had it up for free from today, so sorry for the misunderstanding, but when I popped over to see why it hadn’t changed over yet there was nothing there. I must have pushed the wrong button. I’ll post the links again tomorrow. Apologies for that!