Postal Postal Workers and Coming Covers

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This district is still affected by the postal strike action, and seeing as how they are also my internet suppliers I’m still popping on and off line like the mad hatter all the time. I also haven’t been able to get hold of my actual mail since August. I’ll be heading to the post office again – ever hopeful – because I’ve totally run out of my paper books now, and that’s just plain bad. I’m expecting lots of other books and parcels too, so I’m more than willing to hop over the counter and find them all myself. Strikers pretending to be at work meet crazy scribbler lady – should be interesting.

One of the neighbours has been making an amazing racket, knocking a building down, rebuilding it, and now they’re having a borehole drilled. So between eyeballing all that, and my obsessive checking to see if the internet’s on, I’m not getting a lot of writing done. In the meantime, my awesome cover designer for my Shadow People series, Chris Graham, has been hard at work on the covers for the third and fourth in the series coming out early in 2015, so we will be doing a cover reveal for them tomorrow. Exciting times!

The heirloom tomatoes I planted for the cover of one of my books to be published this year have sprouted and all seem to be doing nicely. I’ve done most of the work for that cover so far, and the book itself is well along the road to being ready now. It’s the best job in the world, this indie trip. Now to see if I can clatter around the internet for a while before being booted out again. Spring has sprung here by the way, with lots of visitors in the garden to munch the fruit on the palms, and I’ve tried to get a picture or two. I’m still fairly clueless with my photography thing, and at this point I’m mainly getting images of departing little birdie bums, but I did get a couple I like a bit by accident, so pics for future covers are definitely going to happen.


Birds in Palm