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I’ve just finally lost the great granddaddy of all epic week-long headaches.  Not to mention kidney aches and a dodgy liver.  I had to go on a candida cleanse because all of that craziness with burglars sent me over the top, and all that excess cortisol must have spiked my blood sugar.  Which meant it was time to bring on the fungus killers, and so the die back symptoms.  It feels a little weird not having a headache actually – feels strangely empty in there now.  I reckon the worst of the toxin processing from the death of the little sods is over now.  I’m still not feeling overly fabulous though, so pardon me if I’m a little scarce around and about for the next day or two.  I’ll get back to normal as sharply as I can.  Just goes to show though, it doesn’t matter what you eat even if you think you’re over systemic candiasis, it’s probably always going to be there.  All it takes is a prolonged period of stress and it grabs the opportunity.  Anyway, I’m hoping that the universe allows a crazy free couple of months so I can finish all my projects before the end of the year at least.
It’s nice to still be alive.  Sort of.  Appreciate that, thank you Universe.  I’m going to start heading down the emails now and sorry if it takes me a while to catch up with everyone again, but I’ll get there.  Here’s to a happy, healthy and peaceful weekend to all.


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