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My lovely friend and author, Lucy Pireel is with me today, to tell us about her books, and a little about herself and her life too. Not only is she a talented author, she is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She selflessly helps and promotes other independent authors, showcasing their work, and featuring them on her blogsite – see Lucy Pireel’s Blog here. It’s an honour to call this lady with the heart of gold my friend, and to share her work here with you today. Let us begin with a short autobiography.

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Lucy Pireel loves to write and read. She does not limit herself to one genre, but writes what she thinks would work for a story. At times this means writing Science Fiction, or fairy tales, while some are pure erotica.

She is happy to successfully have self-published her first three books, while editing her full-length, paranormal, erotic novel at the same time. Of course she writes more too; there are always new ideas for stories playing through her head, ranging from flash to full length novels.
Lucy enjoys long walks in the great outdoors, or twisting herself into a pretzel while doing yoga. All to unwind after a day of writing, or editing. At the moment she lives in the UK and enjoys the country and its people very much. She’s very much a people’s person. Should readers want to ask her a question, she’s easily found on facebook. Or visit her blog at WordPress. And for the really interested reader/fan, she even has her own author site (

And now, straight to the questions. Comfy?

1. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Yoga, walking with the dog, trying to bake stuff, all sorts of stuff but mainly cakes and breads 🙂
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That is one cute doggie Lucy!

2. What do you like to read, and who are your favourite authors?
I like to read everything that is books, even scientific magazines. You know Jo? I don’t really have a favourite author. I like too many different genres to have one favourite. There is just too much good stuff out there and not enough time to read it all. Eeeps!

3. When did you begin to write?
Ah, when did it all began? I’ve always been a story teller, but only when my son asked me for a pirate story in which something really happened I seriously worked on writing. Not that that one will ever be published. 🙂 My passion lies in the adult corner, dark and erotic. Not necessarily combined.

4. What music do you listen to, if any, when you write?
I don’t deliberately listen to any kind of music when writing. I kind of like the sound of my brain at work. 🙂 But I do have a favourite song.
Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. But other than that I pretty much like all music from classical to … think of something and I might even like it.

5. What do you love?
Life, writing and having fun with my friends (like you).

6. What don’t you like?
Leeches, and people who try to get you down.

7. Tell us a little about your next book.
I’m working on a collection of dark tales, but I also have a pararom novel finished (John Cameron McClain has it now to beta-read), and I’m working on another erotic novella and then there is the … Oh, shoot, I just have so many WIPs some days I don’t know on which one I want to work most.

8. What genres do you write?
All of them, except YA and Dystopian.

9. Tell us about your published works.
There is Red Gone Bad, a collection of twisted fairy tales with murderous and in general not really nice heroines.
Bound, my pride and joy at the moment. A BDSM novella. One reviewer said it was a pleasure to read a BDSM story in which the guy wasn’t a jerk on a power trip. I was right chuffed reading that. 🙂
But I am also very proud of my sci-fi diptych which ran as cover story on issue #3 of Isotropic Fiction
And of course my contribution to the zombie anthology of Hazardous Press ‘A Quick Bite of Flesh.

10. If you could choose anywhere in the world to write where would it be?
A tropical island where the sun always shines and the sea is crystal clear (not that I’d be swimming in it, but still). And I’d very much appreciate it if from time to time some fun peeps would drop by.

11. Number eleven is not a question, but anything about yourself or anything at all you’d like to share here – go wild!
“Go wild,” she says. 😉 Just how wild would you want things to get? Wheeeeheeee! Just kidding. I’ll share something about myself. Give you a scoop as they say. I grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. I would love to have chickens and a pig. Want to have a horse to ride to the shops. Do a ‘lady Godiva’ riding bareback in my summer dress. (I am forgetting that a horse’s back isn’t that gentle on the thighs, especially not when the flesh is exposed and you’re sweating.) And I want to live on a boat.

Well… I’m not so sure about living on a boat. And you’d have to teach your horse to swim too. Thank you Lucy. It’s been an absolute pleasure finding out more about you, your work, your love of life, and meeting your cute little doggie guy too!

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