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Fantasy Maps for Books Pricing

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Happy New Decade! Hopefully this one will be rather more fabulous than the previous one. It’s been a busy start to 2020 for me, but I like busy so that’s not a bad thing. Mostly I’ve been busy with work for my author clients, but whenever I’ve had a little bit of down time I’ve been diving into my pile of works in progress that have been left gathering dust over the past few years, when it often seemed that the sky had only one desire, which was to fall on my head and beat the daylights out of me. Having figured out that the sky will always be pretty much all around my head all the time without malicious intent, I finally learned to enjoy its dark blue days as well as the pastel shiny rainbow ones, and so life has become a lot more fun.

Just because you wrote a book completely doesn’t mean that you can zoom out and publish it as is after it’s been languishing for a couple of years. Writers grow and change, and besides, you’re highly unlikely to remember what you wrote, so you have to re-read and re-write. Which is what I’ve been doing with my Shadow People series. As most of you will know, my day job consists of editing, proofreading, designing covers, and illustrating for writers and publishers like most of you. I had a terribly ugly scribbled map of the planet where most of the action takes place in my Shadow People books, Lapillus, to keep track of archaeological points, territories, secrets, species, and citadels. Finally, when an author asked me to create a map for his wall of the world in his books, purely so that he could “gloat over his creation of an entire planet” (his words), I decided to finish my own map too. What a brilliant trip it was to lay it down, and now to see my own creation as an actual map. It will be going in the planned updated version of the first book in the series, and also in the rest as they are published.

So I’ve now added fantasy mapmaking to my list for all of you authors who want one to put in your books, or simply to hang on your walls to gloat over. They are fabulous for swag too. You can have them printed on mugs, T-shirts, bookmarks, and so on when you are promoting or offering prizes. They are made to order according to your specifications.

A plain black and white map for your book will cost you US $75. This includes one basic critter sketch – dragon, sea monster – googly-eyed alien, or whatever you want. You can have shields or flags, or any other thing your heart desires.

A colour map will be US $145. This includes all of the above as well as much more detail, shading, and so on.

Payments are by PayPal and a 50% deposit is generally required for first time clients only. As my regular clients already know, if I know you, you can split payments into reasonable chunks that are affordable to you.

Happy world making you wonderful creators of universes – and interesting critters.