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A couple of my books will be free around now for the next couple of days. Right now African Me is, so if you fancy it just click on the cover image to zoom over to Amazon for download. While you’re there Sands of Time is also free if you like wild romps with dragons and chatty spacecraft.

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I’ve finally added Nkoninkoni to KDP Select. I wanted to be sure of everything being legal, ninny that I am, after my rights reverted at the end of the contract with the rhino anthology publishers who asked me to contribute. Each invited author was given a selection of animals to choose from to use in their story, and I was chuffed to get the Wildebeest.

I like to play when I write short. It’s a fabulous way to explore new ways to write, or to use themes that you wouldn’t normally want to use in a novel length story. I had a lot of fun with this one, and now that it’s on Select I’ve made it free now and for the next three days, so if you’d like a copy, just click on the cover image and it will zoom you over to Amazon to download.


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Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas everyone! Happy Every Other Thing Too!  Whatever you’re doing today, please open your arms and receive this HUGE virtual hug and a whole lot of virtual kisses from me, and also wishes for peace, joy, and love to descend upon you forthwith in piles and piles and piles.
By way of a pressie for any of you who fancy it, I’ve made Echoes of Narcissus free on Amazon until 29 December – just click on the cover image to zoom over to Amazon and download it.


Trolley Armageddon and Free Short Stories

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I’m in the middle of my launch tour for Echoes of Narcissus in the Gardens of Delight, and absolutely loving it! Party time! It’s fantastic connecting with new readers and friends on all the blogs, and also hearing from people who have suffered the same as Donna has. I’ll introduce you to all my very kind hosts when the tour wraps up on the 31st.

I’m very late logging on today because I had to go to town, and having committed the unforgivable sin of forgetting to buy ice cream in the first place, there would have been no peace otherwise. Then I spotted a thing – and then another thing – you know how it goes.

When I headed out the door I was accosted by a guy in a store uniform who very firmly insisted that he’d be pushing my trolley to the car. I said no and tried to hang on to it because I have my usual lovely old guy, who always hangs around the parking lot trying to earn a couple of bucks helping people wheel and pack their groceries, and he tells the best kind of stories. He was stronger than I though, and wrestled my trolley away, with me, and very soon my usual trolley guy too, in hot pursuit. Finally at the car a war had begun with a fairly loud argument, choice swearwords and the shaking of fists. I thought I’d just get a pic of the warriors for my blog – as you do – but the minute I aimed my phone at them, the trolley fell over – pushing me into reverse. Fortunately I’d already opened the back hatch so my bum hit nice soft car carpet instead of tarmac, but I didn’t get my fight scene shot at all.


Totally ruined my photo opportunity, and I wasn’t inclined to take another, so all I got was that pole with some weird objects flying through the air – I think one’s a bird but the other behind the pole isn’t – I cropped it and it just looks like a creepy thing. Poor trolley guys were mortified though, and I mortified them further laughing my head off while they scrambled around making sure that nothing had tumbled out of the trolley. I really love my beautiful, funny Africa. Then I had to go back in because I’d forgotten the ice-cream again, so I took this lovely pic of a trolley for you instead.


For those of you who fancy a short read and haven’t already got these, my two Fly Birdie and The Visitation are free from now until the 30th December.

Glass Houses

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Many established self-published authors are very helpful to newbies, sharing the knowledge that they have gained on their individual scribbling trips. There are also loads of books available too these days covering everything from formatting to marketing. Some things are pretty straightforward to learn, but other things are just opinions, no matter how strongly they’re voiced. Like giving your books away for free. Some authors are quite scathing about there being so many free books out there, that they feel they are losing out on selling their own. Then there are the calls for gatekeepers to stop the badly edited, formatted, or written books from ever making it out there, and thereby offend readers so badly that they will never so much as glance at a self-published book again, thereby also taking food out of “legitimate” self-published authors mouths.

I’ve made pretty much all the mistakes any newbie can flying solo in this indie world – still making them – and I doubt that any other self-published author will have got everything perfectly right their first time at the party without quite a lot of help and the shelling out of amounts of cash that not everyone has access to. What bothers me a little just lately is that some of the authors making the most noise started out themselves by publishing books with errors, and giving those books away on free Amazon promotions. It seems wrong to me that now that they are on their way as far as polished publications are concerned, they have built solid online platforms, and they’re writing their sixth or seventh novel, that they expect everyone else to never give books away for free, even if it’s their very first one, because this could make them lose a potential book sale.

Naah. Not everyone who self-publishes has the same aspirations. Some people publish purely because they want a couple of paper books to hand down to their children, or have a few bound copies of their photos and poems for their coffee tables. Some write stories for their children, and couldn’t be bothered if they never sell one to a stranger. Scientific papers, theses, and all sorts of things find their way to Amazon. Then there are the guys doing it purely for the money – they don’t even write their little books themselves, but hire ghostwriters instead, and churn out hundreds of short stories (extreme erotica) and tiny how to books. And then there are those guys who do write their own, but only because they desperately want to collide head on with the fame and money monster, and not because they love to spin a yarn and write it down for others to, hopefully, enjoy. That’s what I do. I write because I love to write. And so do thousands of other writers.

Regardless of why anyone self-publishes their book, it is entirely up to them what they do with it. If they want to give away thousands of free copies then that’s their choice. Most ebooks downloaded on free days lurk on kindles all over, and are never read before being discarded. But a small percentage are, and for an author totally new to this indie game, the future readers and reviewers gained this way are pure gold. The millions of free books floating around are not going to go away any time soon, so it’s totally pointless whining about them. Think up new ways to sell your books, or don’t use Amazon if their freebie policy is so offensive.

The thing is, it is all free. You can write a book and publish it as an ebook and a paperback for not one single cent. How you sell it is your problem, and having a bitchfest about what everyone else is doing with their books is not going to make the free go away, or force people to buy your book because there are no freebies about. I don’t like the idea of being forced to buy anything anyway. As far as crappy editing and formatting goes – formatting is easy if you take the trouble to learn how to do it. My formatting faux pas on Amazon was not due to anything I did wrong, but because they loaded an extra corrupted ebook. Editing errors are totally my fault, and excuses are useless in this instance. So – fix them and move along. I do have access to outside editing now, and I’ll never let loose a new book that hasn’t been properly gone over again, but not all new writers can afford to pay for editing – it’s expensive.

I’m not excusing badly put together books, but I am saying that what self-publishing IS, is being allowed to publish whatever you like. Self-publishing is a totally different animal to traditional publishing, and now that you’ve made your own mistakes and have a nice backlist of immaculate books, you want to deprive other indies of that same experience? Not fair! If you like the way traditional works, then do that, but stop yelling at newbies and authors who fancy a free promo to round up some new readers. I’ve downloaded loads of abysmal books for free, but I would never have paid for them, so no harm no foul as far as I’m concerned. When I pay money for a book, I don’t just blindly hit the buy button. I look inside, look at the blurb, occasionally look at reviews, and if I do buy it and it’s just rotten through and through, I have the option to return it within three days of purchase – not so keen on that option mind you, but I’ve never used it personally, because I’ve never paid for a self-published book that so appalled me.

The problem is that when a lot of people make a lot of noise about something, sometimes the powers that be change things – just to shut them up. Sometimes they might not make the changes the shouters were looking for, and they could find themselves bitten in the bum in ways they never expected. That’s what happens when mice start blowing raspberries at lions. As far as indie scribblers go, I say leave them be, and tend your own roses. Let those newbie writers walk their own path, and feel all the joys and pains that you already have. So what if you think that a book being #1 on a kindle free promotion means nothing? Those fresh faced new indies are just as entitled to feel the rush of seeing their books downloaded on to strangers kindles, and they should be allowed to take any kudos and knocks along their own trips to where you are today.

Rock those freebies indie scribblers!


Feed My Reads Event and Freebies

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At 11am UK time I’ll be off to partake in my first ever event over at Feed My Reads Event on Facebook. This event is for authors, bloggers, illustrators and writers of all descriptions. Each person gets an hour slot at a time to share their work in their own way. I find this appealing in many ways. Firstly it’s not like one person running the whole deal and ending up under the table feeling like a piece of burned out charcoal at the end of it, and also because of the diversity of the participants. It’s great meeting new people.

This is Feed My Reads first event, and the first event quite like it that I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a huge deal in time to come. At the helm is Fraser Stoopman, who is setting up Feed My Reads sites and groups on all platforms, so that this will not be a one off event, but an ongoing activity sharing news and promotions for writers and artists across the globe. Definitely a great concept and a fantastic foot in the door for all of our future work. Being as this is the first event, there are still slots available, so all you bloggers, scribblers and artists zoom on over and PM Fraser to get your hour. He’s a very nice guy and you can be sure of a warm welcome.

I’m sure that any of you guys who wanted my two short stories on Amazon probably have them already, but for any of my new friends who don’t, I’ve got them up for free today again. Shadow People and African Me & Satellite TV will be .99c for a while from today too. Zoom down to your left – the links in my blogroll will take you straight there.

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Have Computer, Will Read

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Just a quickie before I zoom off, especially for my blogger friends around the world who don’t have access to Amazon accounts. For any of you who think that you have to have an Amazon account to have the Kindle free reading app on your computer, you DO NOT, here’s the link to download the free software. FREE Kindle Reader Software You can read any compatible book sent to you by email on this software.

With Amazon freebies, you have to open an account. This you can do with a Visa credit or debit card. To qualify to download free books from Amazon in particular, you have to first buy and pay for one. Only one. Then you can download as many public domain or free books as you like.

I’m not sharing this information because I believe that people should only download free books, but because there are a lot of avid readers who genuinely can’t afford to buy them, nor do they have the facilities or means to open an Amazon account.

There are also those who, because of the countries that they live in or other circumstances, will never have access to any sort of credit or debit card. But. As I said when I first started scribbling, all of my books would always be free to any of my African friends who wanted to read them, or any others around the globe in similar situations.

You don’t have to have an account to download the free Kindle Reader software, and once you have it, you can read any book emailed to you by any author with a compatible book file, and I know that there are a lot of authors out there who will be more than happy to send you their books without any need for any sort of compensation, as do I.

So guys, download away, and if any of you would like free copies of any of my scribbles, send me an email on – I don’t expect any reviews or anything like that in return at all. I just think it would be cool for Africa and any other place having a hard time accessing books, to all have some sort of access to Kindle Readers so that they can read too.

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Free Books On Amazon

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To celebrate the fact that it’s always Spring – somewhere, I’ve decided to put all my tales on Amazon up for free today and tomorrow (12 – 13 April). I’ll pop the links on here if you’d like to download them. I hope you enjoy them! They will go free at around 12 CMT, so in around two hours from now. African Me & Satellite TV will be published next, and then on to the second book in the Shadow People series.

And join us today and tomorrow at the Spring Fever Reads Giveaway, and stand a chance to win more books and a Kindle Fire!

Till next time friends. xxx