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Shawna screamed.

Could mommy not hear when she screamed?

The woman floated beside the bed. Red hair fell in a swathe across the alabaster face. Shawna didn’t want to see that face. She couldn’t scream any more. Mommy should have been here by now. Why wasn’t she here?

The woman slowly revolved. Shawna focused on the gap between the bottom of the woman’s skirt and the floor. Where were her feet? Did she not have feet? Her gaze moved slowly upwards. Red eyes pierced the blackness of the room. She lunged for the bedside light switch. Briefly, bright light overcame the dark. The terror. The bulb shattered, piercing her cheek with the violence of its explosive end.

“Mommy,” she whispered.

She couldn’t move. The woman spun. Whirling around the room, with no feet, and mouth gaping blackly, stretched in a silent scream. And then suddenly she was there, hovering horizontally above the bed, face to face with Shawna. She stared into viridian eyes. Eyes of blood set in a face now as black as coal. The coldness of hell engulfed her. Her body shuddered as she tried to jump up. Run away from the thing that now reached a black hand towards her face. But she couldn’t move. All went black.


“Lying is bad Shawna.” Mommy angrily swept up the shards of glass. “I can’t afford to buy you another bedside lamp. If you’re going to be throwing things around the room and breaking them you can just go without.”


“There is no such thing as ghosts! Maybe it’s just as well that you broke it. You can’t sleep with the light on every night. Light costs money!”

Shawna realised that she wasn’t alone any more. Something inside her was getting angry.

“And another thing. I need to sleep too. You’re far too big to expect me to come running every time you yell in the middle of the night.”

Shawna grinned down at the back of Mommy’s head, floating above her, light as a feather. She understood now. She had nothing to be scared of any more. It wasn’t her the lady wanted. It was Mommy.


“Really Shawna. Just shut—.”

Mommy looked up. The lady smiled.

Angel Ink

A Few Winks Too Many

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The best day of 2013 so far, and the first day in the amazing world of books for Shadow People. Even though a lot of my plans for the day didn’t happen with the couple of stumbling blocks, and the mad rush to get it published on “the day”, I was still planning to show it around its new home a little today. So of course I sat down on the couch for only a minute, and conked right out for half the day, leaving my poor new baby all on its lonesome out there in the big wide web. Brilliant performance indeed! I really am doing well!

In my defence, it has been an outrageously busy week. Sleep wasn’t much of an option, so when the big work was all done last night, I thought I’d have the snooze of the century. I sneezed myself awake at midnight though. If it had been just one sneeze I might have been able to stay in bed. No such luck. It was a proper multiple rapid fire sneezeathon that woke everyone up and had Jelly the weaver bird out of her basket, shouting her head off and ready to take on all intruders. So I tiptoed out and pottered around till the sun came up. Then Mr Sandman pounced out from under a fluffy pillow and ambushed me. Little bugger. Anyway.

Back to Shadow People. By way of its first welcoming party, I will be giving away both of my short stories on Amazon for free on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February. They will be the party hats. They’ll also be free on the 14th – for Valentines Day. I’ll pop the links for them right here. And of course the link to Shadow People, in case any of my friends would like to have a little peep at it. If you do, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living in it for a short while. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when I head back to Lapillus for the next book in the series. First though, African Me & Satellite TV has to be brought into the sun. And now to explain to disbelieving friends why I why I left my day old chick unattended for so long. Oh dear.

Till next time friends. xxx