How to look where you’re going

Walking North and Looking South

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I walked slap bang into a guy mopping the floor in the supermarket today, and we both just barely managed not to end up bums on deck. Never mind twerking – we invented a brand new dance. Poor fellow apologised profusely and loudly – as did I, at the same time – seeing as how it only happened because I wasn’t looking where I was going. How I’m still alive is a miracle if my public behaviour is anything to go by. I tend to always be overly busy in my head, thinking about one thing or another, and not paying much attention to my surroundings. If there wasn’t an object or a person in a particular spot the last time I went somewhere, I generally just zoom on through to where I want to be assuming that things are just the same. It’s probably the shock of being bashed on the back of the head with a swingball set, or a large fully laden handbag whacking you in the kidneys that’s prevented anyone from clouting me so far – yes – I’ve done both of those things, and much more, in my time in shopping malls around and about. So.

I suppose it’s the same with any goal, whether it’s somewhere you’re physically going, or something you hope to accomplish – it’s probably a good idea to occasionally lift your head and eyeball the actual trip. Having your books finally published is an amazing feeling – an end of a particular trip – and looking back I realised that my publishing journey was pretty similar to my real life zooming. Close eyes, pinch nostrils, and jump on in. Probably not the right way to go about things. I don’t regret any of it though – mistakes and all, it’s who I am, and I don’t see any point in trying to change myself. I reckon that if you’re coming from an honest place, doing what you do the best you can, and – ahem – being mindful of not injuring anyone else in the process, then you’re good to go. I will most certainly make a supreme effort from now on to look where I’m going in public places, so as not to cause any more bodily harm, and I think that I’ve learned enough about the world of indie to get properly started on this authoring trip now at a very slightly slower pace. Baby steps are all very well – and ABSOLUTELY recommended – but sometimes a wild, wild ride is worth it too at the end of it all. That’s just me though. *Grins – sips tea – misses lip* So I guess that the moral of this waffle is, do as I suggest, and not as I do.

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