How to pin a tweet on Twitter

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When you’re looking for a tweet to retweet, sometimes you have to scroll down…. and down….. and then down some more…… People who retweet a lot (such as myself) are a sometimes hard work to pay back, and I’m sure that a lot of potential retweeters eventually give up. Also, sometimes you’ll tweet a link that you really would like loads of retweets for, but instead you only get your blurry chicken shot retweeted, and hardly anyone in Twitterverse gets to find out about your gorgeous new release because it got swamped by a sea of tweets.


What you can do is pin a fresh tweet every day which will stay right at the top of your stream, making it easier for your retweeters, and better for your news. At the bottom of your sent tweet, click on the MORE icon, select PIN, and Bob’s your uncle! Change it every day simply by pinning another one.

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