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Colouring Isn’t for Dummies

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Considering how popular adult colouring has become, I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t any obvious comment thread that I can see on the good old Telegraph article denouncing it – or rather seemingly denouncing the people who partake in it. I really hope that reading it doesn’t make anyone feel bad about their chosen way to relieve their stress. Any kind of shaming sucks I reckon, and telling the thousands of people who love colouring to “Grow up yer big babies and draw yer own pictures!” isn’t very nice. Maybe people don’t want to colour their own pictures. Maybe having to draw their own pictures will stress them out.


She’s right about the way that many people live their lives. It’s hectic being alive in this age, for everyone mostly, but I think that when it comes to what we do in our own time, for enjoyment or to relax, is nobody’s business but our own. And honestly, if originality is key to being an “adult”, then when you do partake of the suggested allowed for adult fun activities like sewing, cooking, singing and so on, then you’d better be singing your own original songs and making totally original food. Personally speaking, my singing is to be feared by anyone with ears and I can’t really rhyme to save my life. I don’t always want to be making up brand new recipes and designing new things to sew.


There’s comfort in what’s known. Old recipes, knitting patterns, and the remembered comfort in colouring in a lovely shape. Life’s tough enough without feeling the need to shame people who enjoy such an innocent pastime over reading Dostoevsky, learning to recite the Russian alphabet, or some such highbrow pursuit. I don’t consider myself an intellectual cretin, and I really do enjoy study and reading classic and modern great literature, but I also found that these things don’t help at all in times of stress. When I was a twanging bundle of terror after all the break-in attempts in the middle of the nights, the thing that calmed me best was Candy Crush. Sometimes childish—call them mindless if you like—pursuits are exactly what we need. Don’t try and spoil the small harmless pleasures that people seek. There are much bigger problems in our world if you really fancy a nice rant. So I say rock on you colouring book guys. Nothing wrong with it.