My Vibrating Vertebrae by Agnes Mae Graham

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Working on My Vibrating Vertebrae by Agnes Mae Graham instantly became a labour of love for me rather than just another job. Some books will do that to you. It was special firstly in that it was the labour of love by Agnes Mae’s children, our much beloved Chris Graham and his lovely sister Lorna, to honour their Mum by sharing her delightful poetry with the world, and so they jumped in boots an all to the rather terrifying world of publishing for the first time.

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Secondly Agnes Mae’s words really resonated with me so much that I instantly felt a kinship with her. She’s one feisty lady, but also so able to reach in to the well of emotions in all of us, with that talent so particularly given to truly great writers, and give a heart a firm squeeze. So I bow and tip my writerly hat to one prodigious talent – Agnes Mae Graham. Her words will live forever now, and rightly so!





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Nonsense Rhyme

Did you ever see an elephant in pyjamas?
Did you ever see a jackal in a coat?
Did you ever see an adder in a bikini?
Did you ever see a giraffe with a scarf around his throat?
Did you ever see a panther in white sandals?
Did you ever see a chimpanzee with short pants and a vest?
Did you ever see an ape with medals on his chest?
Did you ever see a hippopotamus in a corset?
Did you ever see a tiger drinking tea?
If you ever, really, truly ever did see any of these things,
then you’re twice as daft, no, thrice as daft as me.


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Guest Blogger In The Hut – Lucy Pireel

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My guest in the hut today is a wonderful lady of many talents. She is not only a very talented author, but also editor, proof-reader, promoter, and sought after reviewer. Her incredible energy, consistently friendly and approachable character, and a work ethic that you seldom see in us scribblers, have got her where she is today, and I am proud to call her friend. As well as all these things, she finds the time to sometimes post lovely whimsical musings now and then. You will find them in Lucy Pireel’s Blog, but I’ve asked her to share a bit of her awesomeness on my blog too. So without further ado, I give you, my dear friend, Lucy Pireel.

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Social Muse

“When men speak ill of thee, live so that nobody will believe them.”
It is what Plato said, muses Lucy.
“It still holds value, you know? Do not let a single human hold any other back from the life that one chooses to live. Writing, reading or listening.”
Lucy sips her coffee, relishing the tranquillity of morning spent on the sofa, and the heavenly taste of dark brown liquid, flowing over her tongue like silk on a baby’s bottom.
“Yes, where was I?”
She shakes her head, and remembers to finish this thought before it flees from her mind, and leaves her head filled with harrowing images of men and mice, of pitchforks and monsters, of …
“No, best not go there.”
Instead she decides to live her life uncaring of the misconception of others and prove the humans wrong. She cannot, will not, let the actions of a single human put her down, not even the lack of action by others who saw it happen and did nothing to stop it.
People feel safety in numbers, in belonging to a group and do not want to be shut out. It is the same in the virtual world which lures and gobbles up human minds. Changes them into creatures different from what a human might be in real life. The fast lane of social media, where things change every other second, and people do not stop to think and consider what is written, do not try and reason, but judge in a split second, and do not for one moment consider the feelings of the ones on the other side. For those are not real people to them. How easy it is to ignore another when one does not have to look the human in the eye and explain ones actions.
“Why not take the time to read what is written and try to unearth what is meant by the writer? Or just be entertained?”
Lucy grins, drinks more coffee and nibbles her toast, offering some to those surrounding her.
“Relax and read, enjoy your tea. Don’t let any human, or their idea of how one should be, hold you back from what could well prove to be the next piece of wonderful writing/reading, or the most wonderful person you have ever encountered in your life.”

Thank you for joining me today dear Lucy, and thank you for those true and wise words. And for the gorgeous picture to go with your thoughts too. And now for a little Kirsch, and some Swiss cheese for us, I think, and a chance for my friends to join your warm and friendly spaces around and about the old world wide web. I’ve listed them all here.

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