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This is going to be an unusually short post because I’m officially knackered. The crappy covers on my short stories have been niggling away at me ever since my previous post, so I decided to just fix them. I’ve tidied up Fly Birdie, although I haven’t changed the actual cover. That story will always be special to me and I don’t want to change it too much. I’ve given The Visitation a brand new cover because the old one was just awful in every way. I’ve loaded them on to Amazon, but the new ones will only go live later today sometime.

Second reason for the knackerdness is that I’ve added a book links page on this site. Wow. I’m not sure if I’ve got every one of Amazon’s international sites included there yet, but I think I’ve earned me a sit down with a drop of vino and a large slab of chocolate. Wonderful B grade movie in my sights for today. I’ve also made some 3D book images to go on that page. I found a nice online site to make these for free here. If you don’t feel like opening the books tab above, they look like this.

paperbackstack (2)

Wobbling off to couch…..