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I’m learning more and more that there is no point in freaking out over what is.  Recently a wonderful friend said to me words to the effect that if you look at a problem, and you’ve done all you can about it, and can do no more, then worrying about it isn’t going to help.  I know this of course, but I often forget it and still end up getting tied up in all sorts of knots about things over which I have no power.  In the same vein, if you live a perfect life, never making mistakes or getting anything wrong – well – if you really do say that then I reckon you’re probably handing out porkies there.  We all mess up at some point – it’s only the size and scope of the messes that differ.  Sometimes you have to accept that you have done or are doing something wrong, and if you can’t actually correct the actual act after doing the best that you can to, you have to stop doing it if you still are, or learn from it and move on.  Wallowing in anger or regret will hurt mainly yourself and serve no greater purpose in your life.  Life is, which we sometimes forget, finite.  Don’t waste it.  These philosophical thoughts brought on by once again not being allowed by the universe to TOTALLY control time itself and thereby never be late for anything again.  I’m starting to get the picture universe – ta for that.
Yesterday the power went off here at 4am, just as I was connecting my tablet to my computer to get cracking on my way behind To Do list.  We’re not expecting any load shedding for the next couple of months, so I immediately went to freak out mode, knowing that it must be a failure, and also that the service providers in this town are all no good at all.  That’s not me being nasty – they really are no good – at all.  Last week after a couple of days where the water was off, we were told that “A pipe is broken, and it will be fixed when it’s fixed”, which was really helpful, thank you very much.  Anyway.  True enough.  The power was only put back on last night, and by that point I was way too tired to even boot this old thing up, so now I’m a further 24 hours behind on the To Do list.  And I’m very sorry everyone – once again.  But.  Very big BUT.  I ended up really enjoying the day.
After doing a rather presentable Rumpeltstiltskin tantrum impression and angsting till the sun came up, I was stopped in my tracks by another epic lightning storm.

Clouds Coming In

And then more torrents and hail.

Front Step

Hail 1
I phoned the call centre and when they told me that they had outages all over the place, both in and outside of town – so not to hold my breath (those guys get 10 out of 10 for mastering the art of in your face rude – respect for that I suppose), I gave up and accepted this – nothing I could do about it.  All my major work at the moment has to be done on my computer, and I’d very cleverly forgotten to charge up my laptop, and also to download my current read onto my actual Kindle – I prefer reading on my computer, so I read one of the short stories in Chuck Wendig’s Irregular Creatures instead, about winged cats.  Now – that man has some serious writing muscle, and whatever’s going on in his head must be awesome every minute of every day even if slightly terrifying.  A great read, which I wouldn’t have read – probably ever – if I had been more “efficient”.  I squished the guilt and panic attempts as they arrived.
Eventually I gave up on all things electronic and just mellowed out and slouched around, only to discover that I appear to have become a lizard spy target.  They’re all over the place and all very interested in yours truly.  They don’t appear to have wings thankfully.  Actually, I love lizards.  They’re a lot cleverer than people give them credit for, and quite sweet too.  They learn that you’ll feed them if you take the time to try, and can often become tame enough to take food from your hand.  All in all I reckon they’re just as cute as any kitty.


Lizard Spy?  (This pic taken not with camera, but with my phone on high zoom, which has never been the same ever since I got a blob of Betadene on the lens)


Blue Guy
At least most of my flowers weathered this particular storm not too badly scathed.


Now back to work – hopefully.  I’m holding thumbs.  Remember to enjoy a day or two now and then, regardless of the weather.