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What to do When Falling off Wagons

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So much for my perky statement last Friday that “Normal transmission will resume tomorrow” hey? I have a whole grocery list of complaints to the Universal Admin Department. Last week took all the cake in all the universes anyway, so hopefully that’s a bit of payback. Firstly, I’ve been getting steadily sicker and sicker over the past few months. It’s partly my own fault, because I knew what the problem was (me falling off the health wagon) and tried to ignore it, and partly not my own fault because of way too much ongoing stress – that stuff will kill you. Eventually the week before last I finally got back on the health wagon properly and promptly got even sicker as the cure started to take effect for my Candidiasis – that stuff will kill you too. And then last week happened. Oh my…..
I’m pretty sure that the whole thing started with the electricity department doing line maintenance around town from the week before that, although that’s just my opinion after watching their gung ho manoeuvres up ladders pruning trees away from power lines while ignoring the branches they themselves were sending down to bounce off those very power lines. So the whole of last week was power failures every couple of hours of every day, followed by power dips, surges, and invisible power bunnies doing the Makarena too for all I know. Not to mention a charger that EXPLODED when I switched it on. Seriously – big scary noise and white light sizzling. That was not cool, and I’m still switching that particular switch on with the end of a broomstick every time I want to charge my phone. All the on off on off, rinse, repeat, resulted in the subsequent conking of my internet system almost directly after my cluelessly perky “normal transmission” statement abovementioned. Which just goes to show – clueless perkiness can get you in trouble, and chargers can probably kill you too.
Which brings me to wagons. What to do when you fall off one? Well – I reckon you try your damndest to get back on it. I’m not glad that I got so sick again from falling off the healthy wagon, but I’m a whole lot better now, and intend to try and stay that way. I am glad that I never published the little book that I wrote on Candida months ago, because this latest run in with the vicious little fungal beasties has taught me so very much more about it. Now I most definitely must share what I’ve learned, so I will update the book and publish it next year. I’m not at all glad about falling off my blogging wagon either, although it did make me realise that life is all about falling off wagons, and I know I’ll catch up eventually anyway because I’m a stubborn old goat. If everything was perfect, and everyone got everything right all the time, there probably would be no purpose to life at all – it’s all about the learning from our own tumbles, whether self or “life” inflicted, and then getting back onto fallen off wagons. It would be well boring too if we never ever went overboard.
Dieting, exercise, taking an incoming nasty life lemon to the noggin – all of these things will hopefully just knock you off some kind of wagon for a while, and with a bit of luck and gnashing of teeth you’ll take however long you need to get back up rather than giving up and ending up totally squished beneath the wheels. Still – here’s to a serious dearth of wagons in 2016 for everyone in general, and me in particular.