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Meat is Meat

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Controversy ahead. As I’ve just said on a friend’s blog post – I don’t eat meat – I try to avoid using any animal products, and without being preachy, I’m against killing any sort of creature for any sort of reason these days. I do cook meat for the meat eaters in my life – freedom of choice has nothing to do with recipes as far as I’m concerned, and not my karma. I don’t hate them for eating it – I ate it for most of my life, so I get it. Bacon is fabulous on a plate of anything. I commented on a supposedly good friend’s remarks a good while ago about hunting critters (not to eat) that were endangered because of some flimsy thing, and was immediately unfriended and severely crapped upon before being blocked, so I’m a bit wary about posting about such a sensitive subject. I never foist my personal beliefs on others in harsh ways, because I believe that we’re all on our own trips, and what is good for us when it is, is. Something has been getting up my nostril lately though – and I really hope that talking about it isn’t going to make any of my friends enemies. Still….

Matthew McConaughey has been coming under a lot of fire since it’s been discovered that he is part owner in the “canned hunting” 22 000 acre ranch run by his brother in Texas. Canned hunting revolts me, and the tiny enclosures of lions and so on so killed is way beyond my comprehension. If I only had the choice to eat meat or die, I’d rather eat his hunted buck any day of the week than some horribly farmed cow. Hunt for meat – alright – you can’t eat lions – leave those guys alone man. 22 000 Acres is not canned hunting by any stretch of the imagination though, and the vicious comments he’s been getting on his various online sites are truly appalling. Those of you who are faint of heart – look away now. De-beaking, throwing baby chicks into grinders for the egg industry, production of fois gras, veal – eating baby animals of any sort, milk, down for feather pillows or comforters – ugh – all of these industries are so, so much worse than hunting. Rearing them, transporting them, killing them – all atrocities in my eyes. Hunting is cleaner I think. Quick and unexpected, and by far the better of two evils in my meat free thinking. I may be wrong. I prefer murdering veggies myself – so just saying.

In my opinion meat is meat, and if you’re going to eat it, why be holier than thou? Eat the meat that requires less terror and pain from the original supplier of said meat. Why the species issues? Why care if it has digits for fingers? Why is killing and abusing some species ok while other species is seen as rotten? Seriously – I’d like to know. As I said earlier – meat is meat – killing is killing. Why munch happily on a sheep and be appalled by eating any other thing? And if you’re going to eat one animal that’s had a crappy life because – well – it’s food – then shush about what anyone else eats. There’s no difference – a cow is a deer is a lion is a monkey.

Heading off to hide under my bed now………

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