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Research – I Have a Question

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I’ve never worried about offending while writing fiction. Fiction is fiction, and if we’re going to have to start getting all politically correct in our fiction then I don’t see the point of writing it. BUT… I once read a review of a fellow writer’s book, with the reviewer ranting at her for encouraging rape, because one of her characters didn’t take suitable revenge against her attacker. She changed her story because of that review.

I wouldn’t have in that instance because even in life, not all victims are brave enough to do so.  But I am wondering what readers reactions would be to a certain other thing, so I’d really appreciate any of your opinions on condoning Cannabis (marijuana) for medical purposes and pain relief in a work of fiction. It’s unlikely to get me to change much of the book that I’ll soon be launching at unsuspecting readers, but for once I think I should ask before the fact. Would any of you readers be appalled? Would it bring on a scathing review? Would any of you scribblers hesitate before adding such a thing to your plot?

PS. I am NOT a pot smoker and never have been – nor do I condone or not condone it – just in case anyone’s wondering. More of a Pinotage kind of girl myself.


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