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This past week has been kind of life-changing. What happened in Paris has obviously changed the whole world, just as 9-11 did. Can’t just ignore it and go back to zooming around the bloggerverse. I just hope that we don’t look back at this time as the beginning of some rather bigger ending. I also hope that these insane murderous cowards get stopped in their rotten tracks once and for all, and that peace and love returns to the hearts of those so hurt in France and everywhere else too. My heart hurts for all humanity that any of us are even able to consider, let alone perpetrate such evil. Shameful, shameful.
After the initial shock, sadness set in. Sadness and disappointment. I’m not generally pro-violence, but sometimes maybe evil really does need to be violently excised. That kind of evil doesn’t deserve to live in my book. How to go back to life in the land of happy blogging with this huge worldwide pain? I have no idea. We’ll get there eventually, but we can’t pretend this didn’t happen. Life is precious, and obviously there is no guarantee of it continuing tomorrow, so I reckon that a bit of reflection and gratitude is in order now and then. Nobody will benefit from constant sadness though. Life must be lived, and has to be appreciated with joy, and the knowledge of how we should be treating our fellow man should encourage us to behave in the ways that we know we should. No matter how big the world and how many people sail on her, each and every individual act of kindness and caring counts. Best not to forget that this life, every individual life, is actually important after all, so while we do zoom around doing arbitrary daily things, we should occasionally remember that we’re probably here to learn something. I don’t think that our mission on Earth is to destroy each other, and I can’t understand the mind that would embrace such a concept.  So – I’ve learned that evil is real and will find its way out under some cover or another.  Evil shows us what we don’t want to be – what we don’t want in our world. I can’t imagine any God who would want this. Hopefully there’s time to stop it before it makes the whole world a very bad, bleak place.
The weather here has been insane. We’re having a drought which has now become painfully soggy. After months of intense dry heat the heavens finally opened, but not in a good way. There’s been flooding and some really terrible hail. Seems kind of obvious that Mother Nature is not a happy bunny at all. I haven’t been online much, apart from trying to practice doing that very thing on my phone – much safer with the amount of lighting we had. Such strange storms too. All hell breaks loose for about twenty minutes with fireworks and much deluge, then twenty minutes of full on sunshine, then more of the deluging and so on and again. Not cool and late-making in general. Still, the mud is welcome and the perking up trees too. More rain on the way for the next couple of days, which while cool, will hopefully be without any hailstones and smiting lightning.

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