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PS – Pre-made Book Covers

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I’ve started loading book covers for sale on my new Pre-made Book Covers tab at the top there. I must admit that it’s quite nerve wracking, but never mind, I love making them so it’s very unlikely that I’ll stop now.

All of them are made with my own photos or sketches so far. I might use stock or public domain pictures in the future, but only ever for very small elements or manipulated to totally individual works. I’ve resized them for web use, so I’m wondering about the visual quality as they are, so I’ll tack on a very high resolution image here just in case anyone thinks the web size is a bad idea. Hopefully easy to see. I’m working on a haunted house cover at the moment – love it – but only in between the scribbling and editing. I’d really love it if anyone has any ideas for covers to make. I don’t want them to be too generic, and I don’t have tons of ideas myself.