Puppy to the vet

Right Said Fred

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I’ve been very busy zooming around with one thing or another this week. One of these things has been a new addition to the family in the form of a little Labrador cross Chow puppy. He was really tired when he arrived, and pretty much snoozed through the night, giving the impression that he was just a normal puppy without superpowers. Then this morning I took him to the vet for his first jabs. And boy can this little guy gather himself an audience. Bella always gets lots of attention at the vet because she’s cute, but young Freddie (because he sings just as well as Freddie Mercury you see) got the attention of everyone because he never for one second kept quiet.

From the minute I put him in the car to the minute I brought him home, he kept up the most hilarious sounding running commentary of all the evils that the universe has chosen to bestow on him right now. Mini howls interspersed with chatty little grumbles. Absolutely without stopping for breath. Poor little guy. I know he didn’t enjoy the trip at all, and he probably didn’t get why everyone was laughing at him at the same time as rubbing his head, but he really was funny. He doesn’t whine like any other puppy I’ve heard. He has voice and inflection, and the power to command an audience. Funniest trip to the vet I’ve ever made, not to mention the looks on the faces of passers-by at stop streets, with the peculiar noises wafting out of the window, and me laughing like a madwoman. Anyway. He’s had a big munch now, Bella loves him, and it’s back to work for me.

Bella & Fred