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In 1977 I wrote my autobiography.  Since I was dealing with my favourite subject I wrote at length and ended up with 640000 words
Day two of my quote challenge.  Yes, I know that the first one was ages ago.  I’m going to go with another favourite author – Isaac Asimov.  I’ve put a comma instead of a full-stop between I and Asimov by mistake in the image here, and I’m not in the mood to make it again.  So.  Apologies to IA.
Being the memoir junkie that I am, I’ve got rather a large collection of them on my Kindle, mostly by authors, but also others by people I find generally interesting.  I.Asimov is a pretty massive book, and so far I’ve been chapter hopping the titles that have been grabbing my interest, rather than reading it straight through.  He’s jolly lucky that he’s not being paid for pages read.   From a writer’s point of view as well as a fan’s point of view I’m finding it rather fabulous.  He doesn’t at all see any point in being humble in areas of his life that are about his genius, because that’s what he is, but he’s far from being a narcissist.  Ahem.
“Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do – I. Asimov”
He’s hilariously humble about other aspects of his life and personality though, and the bits about his fear of flying and fear of heights really resonates.
As far as I’m concerned, I get the biggest adrenalin rush when a plane takes off – I really do love that feeling of speed and power zooming up into the sky, but you can keep all the rest of the flying malarchy, especially the rottenest bit – THE LANDING.  All not things I’m fond of at all unless couraged up with copious amounts of wine, which is fodder for a whole other true story.  But the heights thing—.  No indeed.  I remember on an outing when I was little, the way some adults reckon that they can just jolly you through your fear, a friend’s mother managed to force me onto a narrow set of stairs between two high buildings.  I got to the middle and looked down.  And down, and down.  I very carefully lay down flat on my face, and ended up losing a fingernail during the following hour of various people trying to pry me loose and carry me to the other side.  Even looking at pictures of heights freaks me out, so just sharing this one has me trying to hold on to the floor with my toes.
 Person of a high mountain ledge
Image Credit:  https://unsplash.com/juliacaesar
Here’s a few other little gems from the book:
“Believe me, I’m an acrophobe – I. Asimov”  (I hear you Isaac – me too)
“The instant the roller coaster topped the first and highest rise and began to swoop downward, I reacted like an acrophobe.  I screamed in terror and I hung on desperately to my date, who sat there stolid and unmoved.  I got out of the roller coaster half dead, and if I had been older and had had a less youthful heart, I’m certain it would have killed me.  I. Asimov”
“As the workman staggered back, I reacted like an acrophobe, emitting an unearthly scream. I. Asimov”