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Purist, or Maybe Just a Mule

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I need to get into some sort of routine now. Before, I lived so far away from everything and everyone, I could just bang away at my computer for days without taking much notice of anything at all. Now life seems to be happening all over the place. This is most cool – don’t get me wrong – I just think that a list or two would be in order, so that I don’t lose perspective on what the most important thing to be doing is. Writing. I’ve zoomed through about a thousand emails so far, with about four thousand left to go. You have to be careful with zooming through and just deleting too. I almost missed a couple of important ones.

I think that the pucker scribbling can resume in a day or two. First I have to edit a short story I wrote for an anthology. With an editor. A pucker. Real. Live. Flesh and blood. Editor. I’m about halfway done, and finding the process quite intriguing. I’m managing to distance myself a little from the process, so as not to take anything personally, or have an epic tantrum, as you do. So far I’ve managed to avoid being so chuffed at being picked by any publisher at all and signing any sort of contract that’s come my way. And I haven’t succumbed to handing over any of my scribbles to the couple of small presses that have offered to take them off my hands. Slippery slope that. I’ve either run like hell or hid under the bed when anyone offered to edit anything for me also. Now I don’t have the excuse of not having PayPal anymore, I have no reason at all not to have my very own editor.

It really is fascinating to have a friendly someone with a vested interest take an interest in something you’ve written, look at it from a new and professional perspective, and then make suggestions to improve it. I’ll be tweaking and twisting quite a lot for the rest of the day, following this very sweet editor lady’s suggestions, and then I’ll have a big think about whether I’d ever do such a thing again willingly. If I do, it probably won’t be any time soon. Proof-reader – most definitely, I’ll hire one now, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to have a permanent editor.

I don’t like being constrained to rules. Sometimes I like to “play” with a story, and write it in an unusual way. I write what I love, the way I like to write, and I think that maybe if I started changing everything around according to established and accepted rules, I’d stop loving my stories. Then I probably wouldn’t write anymore at all, if it became a job with rules.

I don’t understand why it’s so much cooler to have your own publisher anyway these days. Unless it’s some huge place that will have your paper books plonked in stores and libraries across the globe, why on earth would you hand over your earnings to someone else when you can do what they do yourself anyway? All for having their name stamped in the frontspiece of your book? Naah. I don’t think so. I like the clean cut way of having total control of everything. Publish what you want, where you want. Charge as much or a little as you like. Pick your own covers, and write the words you like the way you like.

But the meantime – just for today – I’m basking in the glory of having my very own editor. And so I’d better get back to editing, or I might get into trouble too. Ha haaaa! Scary stuff. Then just a little zoom around my dear old Twitterverse. And a cool catch up on lovely blog awards, I think. I hope my friends will have MORE patience with me as I catch up now. You know I will though. Even though I’ve got the added challenge of avoiding “popping out to shops” now. And don’t get me started on the sweets. Temptations. Temptations.

Till next time friends.

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