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Bloody Stupid Troll Lurgies

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I’m having serious radiator issues. These fancy modern cars have got bits and pieces all over the place, so for now I’m grounded, but hectic – wow – slow down life! I just arrived back and came to shut my computer down for the night, and I spotted a lovely South African writer friend being attacked by a white supremacist whack job. I know it’s a big ask, but it’s not writing or review related, and I’d REALLY appreciate any of you who use G+ to read this guys words, and what he shares on his wall, and if you feel so moved, report the idiot. You do this by clicking on the downward arrow at the top of his post to Rea de Miranda.

I am SO offended by his racist slurs, use of the most disgusting language to attack Rea, and trashing of Nelson Mandela, and I’m so angry, that if he suddenly appeared in the same room as me now I would punch his stupid lights out and kick him right in the nuts.

Ahem….. Sorry for that – but please look….. https://plus.google.com/u/0/113441653002883214934/posts