Should you Sell eBooks from your Website?

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Many web owners sell books directly, and sometimes exclusively from their sites, collecting one hundred percent of the price via PayPal. If you publish with Amazon KDP Select, this is obviously not allowed – in fact, if your book is with Select, you are only allowed to distribute the digital books through them, and only the selling of your paper books after ordering them from your POD supplier is considered kosher.

If you’re not with KDP Select you can sell them anywhere you like, so the website option then becomes viable, and a very good idea too. As an independent publisher you get to try a variety of avenues for selling and marketing your books. We all know about Smashwords and all the other sites where you can make your books available to buy. It’s quick work to load them up there – although – not such quick work to…

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Christoph Fischer – The Gamblers – Released on June 1st (Pre-order Now)

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I LOVE Christoph Fischer’s books – definitely one for me!

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I am delighted to be hand over to Christoph Fischer today so that he can introduce his new book The Gamblers with some introduction to the cast of characters, excerpts and a chance to pre-order this much anticipated new thriller from a master storyteller.


THE GAMBLERS is the story of Ben Andrews a shy accountant who becomes obsessed with numbers and luck.

When he wins the Lottery and becomes rich overnight his life changes, but not necessarily in the ways he had thought.

Who can he trust, now that he’s rich? How should Ben build his new life?Still frugal and determined not to waste his money unnecessarily he unexpectedly falls under the spell of a charismatic and seductive Russian poker player, named Mirco. They share a passion for gambling but this fascination remains ambiguous for Ben.

What follows for Ben becomes a gamble…

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Teaser for Ichabod Brooks

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Here’s a little taste for the upcoming release.  Due to the work being a 27 page short story, this isn’t going to be very long.  Enjoy.

Ichabod BrooksA nerve-chilling shriek causes Ichabod to duck into the nearest building and peek out of the window. He watches the shadow of a large bird drift across the ground and its four wings drop green feathers that sizzle against the stone. Wanting a better vantage point, he quietly makes his way to a nearby staircase that creaks at the slightest touch. Ichabod stays low as he comes to the second floor and crawls to the nearest wall. Only a corner of the roof remains, which he crouches under while curling a black cloak around him. Hidden by the shadows, he knows it is only a matter of time before he is found by one of the beasts. He tries to think of a way…

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Covers Special

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After my recent AWOL, this is my most epic catch up ever. I’m catching up on all your blogs and comments now. With one thing and another these past couple of weeks, I completely forgot that I put all my covers on special for the month of May at a flat charge of US $20, INCLUDING for made to order by author brief covers, because I want to get this project off to a proper start. I think I only announced it on Twitter before I “went fishing”. So I’m going to extend it for the month of June too. If you fancy a bespoke cover for twenty bucks head over to the Contact Me page up there.
Before my fishing trip I also made brand new covers with my own designs for my two short stories, The Visitation and Fly Birdie, because you can’t very well be selling book covers with rotten ones on your own books. Ha! I’ll share the Fly Birdie one here – about time my favourite of my own scribbles got its proper face. The idea behind it is looking out from the inside of a magical tree at birds flying free. My shorts will be free when I launch my non-fiction book in a couple of weeks, for those of you who fancy them and haven’t read them yet. Epic catch up – onward and forward!

Fly Birdie Cover.jpg 2820 by 4500


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Seriously? Are you still stupid enough? There is no justification for a croc or any other skin handbag – #FollowYourFeel #PETA

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Fur farms stink in every way!

All fur farms employ intensive battery-type farming methods. 

Animals suffer terribly under these barbaric conditions.

Minks are semi-aquatic and need water in the form of streams or lakes. A mink’s natural living environment is always near water or on wooded banks. Generally they are solitary and inquisitive animals except when they pair off during the mating season.

They suffer physically and emotionally on fur farms, where they are crammed into tiny metal cages that injure their little feet.                                                                   fur facts 1

With thousands of animals kept in a small area, there is a build-up of excrement.

Each mink skinned produces about 20 kilos of faeces in his or her lifetime. 

The ammonia from…

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101 Most Horrible Tortures In History (my new book!)

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EPIC! The cover of Stephen Liddell’s new book 101 Most Horrible Tortures in History is my first official design to author’s brief cover design. It’s a cartoon of an Iron Maiden and done in the style of the Horrible Histories book covers – trust me to be late for my first cover unveiling! It’s a great book too – I must say I had some interesting moments researching possible things torture wise to use in a tongue in cheek way. I’ll be interviewing Stephen Liddell too once I get all caught up properly. Congratulations Stephen!

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Today is a big day for me, I’m launching my new book on Kindle and Paperback formats! 101 Most Horrible Tortures In History takes a wry look at history, torture and bizarre punishments of times past and just a bit of the present so that we can thank our lucky stars that none of this is ever likely happen to us.    Given that torture is not the usual thing I write about on my blog or in books I’m sure you’re wondering about the why’s and how’s!

I’ve always been interested in some of the scarier things in life.  I was just 6 years old when with my father working away from home, I sneaked down the stairs and was allowed by my probably slightly lonely mother to sit down with her at 10pm and watch the first Halloween movie.  Yes it was scary and I’m sure seeing people strangled…

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Guest Post, Sally Cronin (Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life)

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Sally Cronin 5 April 2015

I proudly present a guest post on Sally Cronin. Here are her answers to a questionnaire I submitted to her.

She kindly did a five star treatment on my five books, particularly ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’. If anyone hasn’t seen the blog here is the link.


1. Please tell us something about yourself.

I was in a number of industries including hospitality, retail, advertising and telecommunications and by the time I was 43 I was at a crossroads. I decided to retrain in something that I was very interested in which was health and nutrition and for the last 18 years I have been working in that field. To ease the frustrations of self-publishing we formed Moyhill Publishing back in 2004 with the aim of working on a one to one basis with other authors too. We currently live in Madrid and write about health and good…

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