Memories are made of this.. 1971 – Dentistry, Maggie May and Diamonds

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Down memory lane with Sally. LOVE Rob Stewart, and this really takes me back to my own start on the career journey. One boss in particular thought that his lap was a good place to sit while taking notes. :D :D

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This week a coming of age in many respects.. I reached voting age, began my first permanent full time job that turned out to be very different from anticipated and I fell in and out of love. There was some great music and films that year and here are some memories….


In July of 1970 I left Highbury Technical College with a diploma in secretarial studies. Whilst I worked the summer along the seafront in my role as taste controller for the whipped ice-cream machine! I was also occupied with finding my first full-time job. To be honest I was earning around £7 a week with tips and was slightly disheartened to see that my diploma only qualified me for jobs that paid £6.50 or less in some offices.

My mother felt that at least it would be a stepping stone to better things in the future and that selling…

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The Wolf's Moon by Patrick JonesThe Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones has been on the market for the past three years and is still holding it’s own.

I sent copies to my brothers only to find out unless there are pictures with the words, well…you can imagine the rest.

Then, I met a fourth grade teacher who told me she no longer had time to read novels anymore.  Rachel said she did miss that part of her life, but her kids came first-as well they should.

My plight was how to reach people who just did not read for whatever the reason.

After spending some hours talking with my wife, she suggested that we again look into an audio book.

Since I am a self-published author, the cost of putting the book on CD was out of the question.

Pat and Sandy Jones HOW MUCH?? O M G!

My wife, Sandy, suggested that…

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Book Reviews Versus Critiques

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Since sites like Amazon gave the general public the opportunity to review any book they have read, what many still fail to understand, or indeed appreciate, is the difference between writing a review and what amounts to a critique.


Here is a typical example of a professional newspaper review:

The Secret History of the Blitz by Joshua Levine, review: ‘tunnels behind clichés’.

Next is an example of a critique by an individual who quite simply failed to appreciate the book they read:

A second weakness in Frankl’s writing is in the assumptions he sometimes makes to prove his point. He makes overarching generalizations several times in his book, making statements that, although may have been true for himself and those around him, might not have been true for every prisoner in every concentration camp during the Holocaust. For example, in one instance, he says, “The prisoner of Auschwitz …

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Achy Breaky Head

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I’ve just finally lost the great granddaddy of all epic week-long headaches.  Not to mention kidney aches and a dodgy liver.  I had to go on a candida cleanse because all of that craziness with burglars sent me over the top, and all that excess cortisol must have spiked my blood sugar.  Which meant it was time to bring on the fungus killers, and so the die back symptoms.  It feels a little weird not having a headache actually – feels strangely empty in there now.  I reckon the worst of the toxin processing from the death of the little sods is over now.  I’m still not feeling overly fabulous though, so pardon me if I’m a little scarce around and about for the next day or two.  I’ll get back to normal as sharply as I can.  Just goes to show though, it doesn’t matter what you eat even if you think you’re over systemic candiasis, it’s probably always going to be there.  All it takes is a prolonged period of stress and it grabs the opportunity.  Anyway, I’m hoping that the universe allows a crazy free couple of months so I can finish all my projects before the end of the year at least.
It’s nice to still be alive.  Sort of.  Appreciate that, thank you Universe.  I’m going to start heading down the emails now and sorry if it takes me a while to catch up with everyone again, but I’ll get there.  Here’s to a happy, healthy and peaceful weekend to all.


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What to Put in your Author Media Kit

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Having a ready to go press release kit is something every Indie author should have. It’s also a good idea to have it on a static page on your website or/and blog. Rather have everything in one place than have to scramble around when it’s called for. Having it on your website means that anyone who would like to post reviews of your books on their own sites can just grab what they need without the need to try and contact you first. I’m working on my website at the moment so the link here is down, but if you want great examples, just do a Google search of some of your favourite authors.

Include your author photo – a nice size and quality image. Some authors change their photos regularly. Danielle Steel has a new picture of herself in extravagant gowns on the backs of each of her books…

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How to Get Page Numbers to Start in Chapter One for CreateSpace

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Getting the page numbers and book title in the headers starting on the correct page for CreateSpace can have you pulling your hair out in bunches sometimes. You can download an already formatted template from CreateSpace and copy and paste your manuscript into that rather than going for the bald look, or you can make a nice clean template of your own.

Trying to reformat a couple of hundred pages of an already otherwise formatted Word document sometimes causes strange things to happen, so after many trial and errors along the way, I finally figured out that the easiest thing to do was to type my manuscripts without any formatting at all, and then copy and paste them into my own template before working on paragraphs, margins, and styles for CreateSpace. It’s wonderfully simple to do.

Open a new word document. Hit Enter twice, and then go to Page Layout…

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