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I’ve been a very crazy busy bunny these last few months. I still have absolutely no clue what’s happening with my life as a whole, so all I can do really is do what I do best and try and enjoy the ride. I’ve made some fabulous new author friends who have signed on as clients for my proofreading, formatting or cover design services just lately, a couple of whom made such an impact on me, I’ll be introducing them here at some point along the way. In the meantime I want to share one of my own projects for all you scribblers out there.

It’s no secret that I love helping Indies. Back in the mists of time I shared every mind-blowing “secret” that I discovered along my own publishing journey, often inciting the wrath of those who thought that those secrets should only be shared for lots of cash. I’ve never been partial to secret keeping when it comes to helping writers on missions to be read. My The Absolute Indie eBook shares all that you need to know from start to end with loads of helpful links at a very reasonable price. Now I’m adding the first (and fattest) paperback workbook in the series, which means that you will have all you need in one spot, not only information on the hows and whys, but also all the information that you pile up about your own published book, that is so easily misplaced.

Reminders and places to take note of all you will need to keep, as well as useful worksheets and exercises for all the stops along the way – including Procrastination Palace, where you get to be just as you as you fancy being you. ISBN’s, ASIN’s, Blurbs, Schedules, plans for Marketing, lists of Social Media. You will never have to frantically dig for any information related to your book or any aspect of its journey ever again, right down to the fonts, colours and sizes used for your cover design. Dates, names, costs, and details, all right there at your fingertips.

The only writing workbook you’ll need. Writer’s Publishing Workbook is big enough for all you want to add to it. A4 size with a whopping 150 pages of information and worksheets, you’ll write everything in it, add your own information, including printed images that will all be in one physical spot when you need them, rather than having to dig around online. I’ve also set it at a really low price for the launch – $8.99 in the USA and £6.29 in the UK.

Enjoy your new big, fat, EVERYTHING YOU NEED writer workbook!


Quickie Update – Cars Can Be Lawn Ornaments Too

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I don’t believe that moaning accomplishes anything at all, even when there really is a whole heap to moan about – hence my lack of personal posts lately. I’ve been zooming around all over the place trying to find my new place in this crazy world around me these past few months, and I can tell you I’m sure that I have a WHOLE LOT less hair. But I’ve discovered a lot of amazing things about myself that I never knew before, so it’s probably all going to turn out well. I’m anticipating only good miracles – after all, when your road is smooth, who needs them? So when times are a bit dodgy I believe that you get to expect them. I’ve already had quite a few fabulous ones this year, so why not be positive? Life’s big troubles are generally about growing and learning, and I reckon that we should at least try and enjoy the ride, bumps and all.

So now for a bit of an update. This is not moaning, you understand? Just an update. (winks)

The municipality has lost all the documents for my car – including the registration book, so I’m now driving around rather illegally seeing as how they so far haven’t issued me with the South Africa registration since moving here from Zimbabwe. It’s all very…Oh well…what can you do?…Sorry about that my dear. Sods. I’m pretty sure they’re angling for a bribe, but I reckon that considering things in general that’s not going to work with me right now.

So far this year I’ve committed the Celiac cardinal sin of munching down on things that I haven’t read labels on from well meaning people several times, and my innards are now feeling the pain after the most recent fall this week.

On a positive note, I bumped into all my neighbours at the same time, and we’ve convened a meeting to talk about setting up some sort of community thing about all the criminal activity. The couple who live next door actually woke up to burglars inside recently, and had their computer things and phones lifted. After the five concerted attempts to get in here after Angus passed away I’ve taken precautions. Possibly excessively according to my friend Eleanor, who says that she feels rather more worried about anyone who broaches this particular perimeter than she does about me. I agree. Rambo granny at your service.

Seriously though, I’m amazed that I’m still standing, and even more amazed at the support of some very special friends here in blogland, who will always be closer to my heart than they will ever know. It’s been quite a trip these past seven months – it doesn’t seem so long from the inside to be honest, but I’m getting to feeling pretty human lately, and will soon be spamming you all up with photies I’ve taken recently.

Thank you for sticking with me my wonderful blogging friends. You are all awesome and I’ll hopefully be back to zooming just as quickly as before. I have loads of comments to get to now – let the zooming begin. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed just as much as you can, regardless of the scenery sometimes, and I’m getting there.

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How to Add a Bullet List to Your Kindle Book

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Lit World Interviews

Here’s a short tip for you Indie writers this week. With a couple of non-fiction books in the pipeline I spent some time a while ago researching how to put bulleted lists in a Kindle book, but came up with the take home that they are a no-no. I know that use of any type of Word auto formatting in an eBook can cause havoc in the end result. It is possible to create a really good looking bulleted list in my paint software and import it as an image without anyone being the wiser, but it is extra work that I’ve just now discovered doesn’t need to be done. The secret is to avoid the auto formatting.

You could have at a bit of HTML coding if you’re so inclined, as per the example below, but I really am not so inclined right now, so I kept looking. Some…

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Thursday – A Little Personal

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Thank you John – you are fabulous to work with!

Fiction Favorites

Since I have hauled back into honest work, I have had to sacrifice some of the fun of being an author for the sake of the available time. One of the joys of being an indie author is formatting the manuscript for publication. You know, the four or five late nights as you struggle with getting the Create Space and Kindle formats in place. Let’s not mention the euphoria that comes with getting a table of contents working. Oh Yeah!

Jo Robinson

Well, I’m pleased to report I outsourced my most favorite activity next to a sharp stick in the eye. Jo Robinson who you know as a talented author provides services to Indie authors. You can go HERE  to check them all, but she was a Godsend when it came time to do the formatting work on the next John J. Cannon Thriller which I needed badly.

So thank you, Jo…

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Planning for the Holidays

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Lit World Interviews

Whether you have a new book coming out this year or are just concentrating on marketing your already published backlist, now is actually a great time to ponder your end of year sales campaign. I know that some authors keep at it all the time, but I find that three or four times a year is a good way to give your books a bit of publicity without irritating the daylights out of your followers. It’s also always a good idea to have a comfortable plan in place for the event all ready to go in plenty of time. Get as many goodies in your Christmas bag as you can.

First decide on a budget. It is very, very hard to sell books with a zero advertising budget, but even a little will help. When it comes to presents and bookmarks though, I’ve seen some fabulous homemade ones, so you…

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A poetic legacy – from Chris Graham, the Story Reading Ape #books

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Here’s some more from Chris Graham on My Vibrating Vertebrae and a fabulous video to give you a proper feel for the place – WONDERFUL!

Sue Vincent - Daily Echo

Thank you Sue for this wonderful opportunity to talk about Mum’s recently published book ‘My Vibrating Vertebrae: and other poems’.

Before I do though, I’d also like to thank two other special people:

My little sister, Lorna, for finding, compiling and typing all Mum’s poems she could find before sending them to me for further action. I know this was a true labour of love for her.

My lovely author friend and editor, Jo Robinson, for doing such a great job of arranging, editing and formatting Mum’s poems while maintaining Mum’s ‘Voice’ – Not the easiest of things to do, especially when not familiar with some of the Ulster / Scots terminology used by everyone in Mum’s home town, even I struggle with it sometimes and I lived there for 27 years before leaving for other lands and climes.

See details of what Author Support Services Jo offers in…

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My Vibrating Vertebrae by Agnes Mae Graham

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Working on My Vibrating Vertebrae by Agnes Mae Graham instantly became a labour of love for me rather than just another job. Some books will do that to you. It was special firstly in that it was the labour of love by Agnes Mae’s children, our much beloved Chris Graham and his lovely sister Lorna, to honour their Mum by sharing her delightful poetry with the world, and so they jumped in boots an all to the rather terrifying world of publishing for the first time.

Mum Enhanced JPG.jpgweb
Secondly Agnes Mae’s words really resonated with me so much that I instantly felt a kinship with her. She’s one feisty lady, but also so able to reach in to the well of emotions in all of us, with that talent so particularly given to truly great writers, and give a heart a firm squeeze. So I bow and tip my writerly hat to one prodigious talent – Agnes Mae Graham. Her words will live forever now, and rightly so!





Buy from Amazon

Nonsense Rhyme

Did you ever see an elephant in pyjamas?
Did you ever see a jackal in a coat?
Did you ever see an adder in a bikini?
Did you ever see a giraffe with a scarf around his throat?
Did you ever see a panther in white sandals?
Did you ever see a chimpanzee with short pants and a vest?
Did you ever see an ape with medals on his chest?
Did you ever see a hippopotamus in a corset?
Did you ever see a tiger drinking tea?
If you ever, really, truly ever did see any of these things,
then you’re twice as daft, no, thrice as daft as me.


If you need cover design, logo and image advice and creation, not to mention the most FABULOUS trailers for your books, zoom on over to Chris Graham for the best out there – I did!

Wordbuilding – Keeping Track

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Lit World Interviews

I’m a big fan of sticking things on the wall behind my desk when I’m working on a plot for any of my books – convoluted or not. Sticky notes and project paper abound in my world. Real paper, right there in front of you, can be a whole lot more satisfying than having to dig around in a Word document. Worldbuilding is a lot of fun, whether you’re writing action, chicklit, or the wildest science-fiction fantasy, but if it’s not “believable” our stories are going to end up on the receiving end of some one star clangers. It’s a lot easier for mainstream fiction, but still, it’s always best not to head too far out there, and always essential to do your research, and take notes – don’t rely on memory. Most people know quite a lot. We all have various interests, some of them rather odd and unexpected…

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