Should You Give Up Writing?

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I’ve always found the different ways that we scribblers describe our experiences with writer’s block very interesting. Also the different ways the seasoned writers suggest getting over it. Some suggestions are to work around your block, or force yourself to write through it, even if what you write is rubbish. Other advice is to write something completely different. We won’t mention those rather hurtful cries of, “Stop being such a wussy. Adorn yourself in adult underwear! Plumbers don’t get plumbers block!” All of these things can work with a bit of effort and confidence, but one bit of advice that you seldom see is to take a break from writing completely. As if a week away from writing anything will totally strip you of the ability to write at all. It is true that if you don’t do something for a good long while, you could get a little rusty…

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…Written Acts of Kindness Award… Authoress, Jo Robinson…

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Thank you, and HUGS. This is what makes my world a beautiful place – the beautiful people in it. MWAH! <3

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…take an Authoress who also blogs… a Lady who shares freely of her time and support to fellow scribblers… a constant contributor to the well-being of the writing family as a whole by her insightful pieces on quill-scrapers’ areas of interest such as book reviews… her excellent articles in Ronovan Writes’ Lit Interviews are always bang on the nail… and I give yeez the nomination for this edition of the recipient of the Written Acts of Kindness Award… I’m proud to know my good friend, inhabitant of the fine country of South Africa, Jo Robinson


…m’Lady, Jo, the rules for passing this Award on are very simple:

  1. You are welcome to give it out as many times as you like, but it is only to be given to a maximum of one person per blog post. If you wish to give multiple rewards, please space the blog…

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AWESOME guys! :)

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Hello and welcome from Bergen, Norway.

As promised today we feature Maiko, winner of last year’s creative writing competition with two pieces one from last year and on more recent unsolicited story written for Teacher Gill! Enjoy my friends.

Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015 Starting secondary school Monday 13th April 2015

The Elephant

by Maiko Boniface Joseph

Written 21st August 2014

Maiko and Amina stood frozen in fear as an elephant stepped out of the shadows. It waded into the pond and dipped its trunk into the water.

“Oh, wow,” said Amina. “ Wow!”

A spray of water rained down on them. It came from behind. Maiko breathed a sigh of relief, the elephant wasn’t going to chase them eat them. Still the elephant was huge.

“Let’s sneak away.” said Maiko.

“But I want to watch,” said Amina.

“Fine” said Maiko, he was tired of Amina getting sidetracked. “I’m going to solve the riddle by…

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Review of Go Set a Watchman- Harper Lee

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For some unknown reason, I have yet to read either of Harper Lee’s books, but this review from Philippa means that I’m now zooming off to get them both. :)

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Go Set a Watchman- Harper Lee

Go set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth…

In the midst of the current and tempestuous outcry I intend to dive right in. I do not want to wait until the water grows placid and the angers are expended or turn, as they might, to a consensus of disappointment.

I will try to explain why I found the book mesmerising. For you to understand I need you to know where I come from, so that you can decide whether my opinions have any relevance for you. It may temper your judgement. I grew up in that most reviled racist country, South Africa, where my grandfather seemed a kind of Atticus Finch, only he nursed the ambition to undermine the justification for racism ( the image of Africans still immersed in innocent childhood, unready for the world) with his dogged dedication…

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Saturday Round Up – Dragons, Engelbert, Fairies and anyone for tennis?

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I’ve been a bit out of action this past week, and now it’s time to catch up with Sally. There are some fabulous things to dive into in this weeks round up. :)

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Time to take a break from the garden where we have been having a massive overhaul. It is amazing how some plants take over when given half a chance and suddenly you realise that not only your house needs to be decluttered to show it off but the surroundings too.

Mixed weather too with 34 degrees up to 1.00pm then thick dark thunder clouds, all talk and no rain however and the sun out again.  Before I head back outside to tackle an obstinate ivy hedge, I thought I had better get the Saturday Round Up off and running.

Thank you again to all who have commented, liked and shared which in itself is very gratefully received collaboration.. Here are one or two thanks to guests this week.

The Sunday Show


Karen Power is an extraordinary woman who has written a very popular first novel The Butterfly Barn.  Not only…

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Indie Rage and Public Relations

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The Indie author does much more than write. There are all the learning curves, fiddly bits, and marketing. We are our own publicists. Hugely successful authors like Ann Rice can have as many wobblies as they want to online, but they’ll still be selling lots and lots of books. She’s also traditionally published anyway, so what she does doesn’t besmirch Indie world. I’ve seen enough shame inducing, call your mom a donkey dramas lately from some Indie authors online to wonder what the spectators who just read for pleasure must be thinking.

If you’re online as much as we must be, and on so many various sites, sooner or later you’re going to stumble across a comment or an article that will insert itself firmly up your nostril, and it’s possible that you will then dive right in there and firmly express your opinion. Before doing that though, try and…

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