Rewind – Three Things Episodes 29 – 30

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Welcome back to the Jazz Age and our little 1920’s serial story.

There are so many different (not to mention fascinating) holidays at this time of year.  Whatever you may have celebrated — or perhaps you choose not to honor any day at all — no matter what the case, I hope it has been a time of happiness, health, and satisfaction for you.

Guitar Mancer Cover 11-28-2014 Click for clues and my inspiration

I appreciate each of you for sticking around for this “rewind” of the original interactive serial.  With work and other things, my writing time is very limited. So this rerun has given me a little time to work on novels in progress.

Atonement Tennessee Available at Amazon

I’m still fleshing out the draft for The Guitar Mancer.  The mythology I created for that story (National Novel Writing Month 2014) took me to unanticipated scenarios, causing me to stumble for awhile. But now I’ve embraced…

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One thought on “Rewind – Three Things Episodes 29 – 30

    teagan geneviene said:
    December 28, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Jo. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. Wishing you everything you want in the New Year.
    Many thanks for reblogging this “rewind” of my first serial. Next weekend i’ll post the conclusion. Hugs.


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