Indie Author Services

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Proofreading consists of finding errors in punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling errors, typographical errors, inconsistencies, spelling and usage of names of characters and places. Unless requested not to, I will also point out any inconsistencies in storyline details, character details, and sentence structure if I come across them for no extra copy editing charge.


US $0.50 per page (250 words), or US $2 per 1 000 words up to 60 000 words

US $0.25 per page (250 words), or US $1 per 1 000 words from word 60 001 and above




Format for Kindle and CreateSpace

Formatting of your manuscript for Kindle

Pricing – US $25

You get a Mobi file with NCX Table of Contents if your manuscript already includes a linked logical Table of Contents, created using Amazon Kindle Gen software which will load up first time on Amazon as well as an ePub file for loading elsewhere. If you would like me to create your Logical Table of Contents for you, that will cost a further US $10.

NOTE :  If you make any changes to your book at a future time I will supply the same for free once, and for US $5 for any further conversions thereafter.

Formatting of your manuscript for CreateSpace

Pricing – US $59

You get a ready to load PDF file as required by CreateSpace.