International Day for Street Children

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Every child should have a safe space to play and learn. Every child should know they are loved and have a daily experience of that love. Every child should have the right to access a minimum standard of education – Gill Sainsbury needs everyone to read what she has to say.


April 12th every year is the International Day for Street Children. Whilst I am not a fan of the proliferation of “dedicated days” that have dropped from the skies over the past decade, I do care about this one.

The objective is awareness and so I ask each of you around the globe to take a moment and consider… what do you know about the issues in your immediate neighbourhood, nearest city or country as whole. If you are here on this page then I hope you know a little about my perception and experiences of street children in Tanzania, but this is a global issue.

Awareness can be raised by you and me. We have that power. Take some time and google street children, get a feel for the scope of the problem, take a few moments to care, consider signing the petition to demand a day.

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