What’s In A Name – Short Story – Celia ‘Heavenly’

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Here’s a beautiful story from Sally. Sometimes you need to know when it’s time to change paths for your happiness, and you never really know what people really think of you. Fabulous!

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This week’s story begins with C for Celia. Sometimes we are given a name of a family member who is held in such high regard it is very difficult to live up to the standard they have set. We all have our own road to travel.

What’s In A Name – Celia

In Latin the meaning of the name Celia is: From the Latin Caelia, which is a feminine form of the Roman clan name Caelius, meaning heavenly, or of the heavens. Also a variant or diminutive of Cecilia.

Tropical Hibiscus Celia Tropical Hibiscus Celia a flame too beautiful to conceal.

Celia sat on the edge of the wooden chair and looked around the sparse room. The bare white walls were cold and seemed to be closing in on her as if in reprimand for her decision. This room was not the only chilly environment that she had been subjected to for…

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