Inserting Links in Word for Kindle

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You can add links to various websites, your books, your table of contents to your eBooks, as well as links within your book to a glossary or section of interest. Once you’re finished with your editing and basic formatting you can start to add your links.

To add a clickable link to your website or books, go to the site or the product page of your book, and right click and save the URL. You then go to the relevant word or words that you want to add the link to. Highlight them—for instance, the title of your book, then right click on what you’ve highlighted. In the box that appears, click on Hyperlink.

H1Paste the URL into the Address box and click OK, and it’s done.


We’ve already shared how to use the hyperlink functions on Word to create the required NCX Table of Contents for Amazon, so the…

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One thought on “Inserting Links in Word for Kindle

    Patrick Jones said:
    May 12, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Great information, Jo!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re doing well!


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